An open letter from Tobin Kerns

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time I’m sure you’ll recognize the name Tobin Kerns. He’s the guy who in my opinion was wrongly jailed for plotting a school shooting against Marshfield High in Massachusetts. Over the years since his arrest, I have been in touch with members of his family and tonight I received an e-mail from Tobin himself. He asked me to post this in response to his detractors. Some on this site and some in the real world…

Listen. I don’t know who you are, but you are clearly not qualified to make any sort of analysis. you have never even met me. That’s right I said me. This is Tobin Kerns, And you, miss, are a moron. I know you probably will not see this, as it was posted in Nov of 07, but god I hope you do. First of all before you start making any sort of judgments you should get your facts straight. In my trial both Joe Sullivan and Dan Farley stated that I was not involved with them when they went to police. They also said that they specifically went to the police to set me up because Joe Nee convinced them I was going to blow the whistle on their plot. I still got convicted because The system sucks. You should also know I was one of the most individualistic people in school. To be honest I was way to busy partying and screwing everything that walked to plan something like this. Hitler was an asshole and a moron. And the only reason people become therapists is because they do not want to deal with their own issues, so they get a job they can tell everyone else what is wrong with them. None of you can even agree with each other. Psychology is not a science, FDA approved drugs are a means of controlling the populace and suppressing individuality, and Freud wanted to f*** his mother. My email is e-mail me and maybe we can put our heads together, the last thing I want are people thinking I am a monster. You are obviously ill informed so do the right thing and get informed.

P.S. Howie Carr, you are a douche bag. I totally would have gone to my Grandads funeral. I loved him dearly.

3 thoughts on “An open letter from Tobin Kerns”

  1. At the risk of sounding like an idiot who doesn’t get the point, I disagree with the statement about pharmaceuticals. Aside from that, I’m still hoping they’ll find some means of letting him out of prison while discovering something to put Joe Nee away for a few extra years or decades. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but what the hey.


  2. My lord. I am appalled that I made so many grammatical errors in this open letter. I stand by most of what I said (aside from being individualistic in school. I was totally a poser who desperately wanted to be cool), but boy do I come off like an arrogant twat.

    Anyway, not that anyone will see this, I am a fairly normal adult now. Good career, dedicated father, regular exerciser, begrudging tax payer. So to all those that said I was a monster who deserved to spend life in prison: That would have been a tragic outcome. Obviously I never really planned on hurting a single person. The proof is in the life I have lived.


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