Zarate’s attorney asks for drug test

Accused killer may have been in drug stupor, attorney says:

The last time I posted anything about accused killer Jonathan Zarate I thought the judge had denied his attorney’s request for toxicology reports. Zarate’s attorney is claiming that Zarate was in a marijuana laced with PCP stupor when he brutally beat, stabbed, dismembered, hid the body, then tried to dump the remains of 16-year-old Jennifer Parks into the Passaic River. A reader corrected me and said the judge had, in fact, approved the request for a toxicology report. Now Zarate’s attorney is requesting two bags of marijuana and blood from his client to be analyzed by a lab.

Mazawey said he was merely seeking the scientific data to bolster a February finding by forensic psychiatrist Diana Riccoli that Zarate’s diminished mental capacity may be the result of several years of continued use of marijuana laced with PCP and alcohol. The abuse could have contributed to a “state of de-realization” that would have permitted Zarate to detach himself mentally from his actions and precluded him from giving informed consent before talking to authorities.

So basically all this delay is to try to get Zarate’s confession to be ruled inadmissible. I think the fact that Zarate tried so meticulously to cover up his crime by enlisting the aid of others shows that Zarate has no mental defect. Unless you want to count being a murderous bastard.

One thought on “Zarate’s attorney asks for drug test”

  1. i thing you are right . i mean really . he is say he was not in the right menta frame of mind ok lets look at the facts.

    1. the called the girl over.

    2. the brother hid in the closet to wait.

    3. they beat her and stuff a bandna in her mouth so she would not scream

    4. after killing her the choped her arms and legs off .

    5 they put her in a trunk of a steamer truck .

    6. the bastard where at a birthday party while the family were looking for her.

    7.they called friends over to help them dispose the body in a river .

    and 8. when the cops found them they ecen tried to get away until the cops pulled out there gun. mental defect my butt. he and his brother knew what they were doing . all this scum bag ‘s father is doing is making the family of jen parks suffer i say fray his dumb ass and let the family of jen parks have some peace and mind that justice is done . what make it bad is he is not suffering , he he is living in the glory that he is making the park’s and friends suffer .


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