Joe Nee’s release confirmed

Marshfield High massacre plotter released from jail:

It has now been confirmed that the ringleader in the plot to attack Marshfield High in Massachusetts, Joe Nee, has been released.

Nee had a parole hearing on March 28 and was paroled on May 8, said Terrel Harris, spokesman for the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The parole hearing came after Nee had served about half of his jail sentence.

Isn’t that funny how that works? By all reports, I received Tobin Kerns was a model prisoner and he served every last day of his sentence.

Nee’s early release wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that his father is a powerful Boston policeman, is it?

Personally, I hope that state authorities investigate Nee’s obvious preferential treatment but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

3 thoughts on “Joe Nee’s release confirmed”

  1. We are quite the cynical group eh? A pretty sad statement…not on us though. I didn’t USED to be this way. Life and reality are harsh teachers to youth’s misguided, idealistic perceptions I guess.


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