More on Joe Nee’s parole

Nee and Kerns are both out of jail:

The following are the terms of Joe Nee’s parole.

Harris said parole supervision for Nee included counseling for anger management and a mental health evaluation. Nee also has to be screened for alcohol and drug use and has a nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. He is under parole supervision until July. Coria Holland, spokesperson for the state commissioner on probation, said Nee would be on probation until May 2010.

I wonder how many incidents between now and May of 2010 will be swept under the rug due to Nee’s connections. I also get the feeling that his so-called mental evaluation and anger management classes will be just formalities.

Nee received early release from his sentence but yet the innocent, in my opinion, Tobin Kerns was denied early release. Was Tobin denied early release because of something he did or was it just because he’s not the son of the head of the Boston police union?

9 thoughts on “More on Joe Nee’s parole”

  1. tobin kerns was denied parole because he violated his probation on past felony convictions. i think he had 18 in all.


  2. No, I was denied parole because I did not attend the anger managment unit FS1. The parole officer stated that due to the “facts” in the police report (that consisted of only joe and co’s recitation of an attack that they planned, no less) I was quite obviously a very disturbed and angry person, even though besides these charges I have zero history of violence in public or in any institution. The funny thing about this is that I tried desperatly to get into this program, even though I had no need for it. I wanted to do all I could for parole. However, for my protection I was not allowed in that unit, because the case workers though that I would not be safe in there with all of the real violent offenders. 41 people, without me contacting a single one of them, deemed it worthy of their time to write character letters describing the kind of person I am, and the fact that I don’t have it in me to commit a heinous act like this half-baked “plan”. These people, unlike all these internet bloggers who want to express their opinion about people they no nothing about so they can feel better about themselves (except you trench, you are the man!), ACTUALLY KNOW ME! they know how much I love my girlfriend, they know how much I love to party, they know how much I love my cats, they know I have far more love in me than hatred. They also know that I think school shooters / perpetrators of any type of genocide are a bunch of in-the-closet pussies who can’t deal with their own insecurities, so they blame the world and take it out on innocent people, like any true, dispicable, honorles, gender-identity-crisised peice of sh*t. and they know I would never want my name associated with that. Why do you think I stopped hangin with joe and told him to go f*ck himself in his psychotic @$$? sorry i didnt mean to go off in a tangent, I guess I still have to learn to filter the thought to speach (typing) thing. I’m not really an a-hole, I’m just kinda pissed, and I feel rightfully so. But all in all I am glad it happend because I learned some valuble lessons. 1 you can’t trust the police, 2 DA’s are not interested in the commonwealths better good, that want the gold star of a conviction, and 3 I am one lucky sonofabitch, I have got some great people in my life. and now I love and appreciate them so much more. So yea in essence I guess anonomys should check his sources
    tobin out


  3. i guess the little girl out in bainbridge thought your violent threats were also a joke, right? how about the numerous B&E night time, stolen weapons, etc– that doesn’t justify any type of violence, right?


  4. for proof– file a freedom of information request for the complete transcript on file with plymouth county court. also read newspaper articles referencing his problems in bainbridege


  5. Nee has got to be put back where he belongs–IN A CAGE! I know that he is a far worse danger to human life (as well as other species of the animal kingdom) since his premature evacuation from prison–because he thinks he got away with something. He’s as sinister as ever, only now he’s got a swagger. He thinks he is above the law! As far as incidents being swept under the rug–Nee’s clan is busy with their brooms because he’s already made a mess-but he’s sneaky and carries Dreschler on his key ring. He needs to re-read or read “Crime and Punishment”. Nee’s brazen disregard for society and the law will be his ultimate downfall. It’s only a matter of time… 😎


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