FL teacher has sex with four teens

Polk teacher arrested on sex charges:

From the same Florida county that brought us the Victoria Lindsay beating comes this story about a teacher hat strayed from the path.

32-year-old Danielle Jones of Stanbaugh Middle School in Auburndale, Florida has been arrested for having sex with at least four teenagers.

She would use MySpace to contact at least two of the teens, ages 14 and 15, who were also her students, then bring them to her house. And by two teens yes I mean both of them and yes she had sex with both of them.

Then her first two victims introduced her to two more teens, age 16, who were not her students. And yes, she had sex with them as well. In one instance all four teens spent the night at her house so you can imagine that scene.

There may be a fifth teen involved as well.

According to Wikipedia Florida’s age of consent goes like this…

By law, the exception permits an adult under the age of 24 to engage in legal sexual activity with a minor no younger than the age of 16.

Which means if you’re older than 24, which she is, your partner can be no younger than 18.

This woman is nothing more than a serial sexual predator who abused her position of authority to get what she wanted. However, since her victims were horny teen boys she’ll more than likely receive no actual punishment whatsoever. Even though it’s cliche at this point it still needs to be reiterated that if she were a man there would be a mob wanting to feed her to the gators.

Then again she doesn’t look like a pole dancer like Debra LeFave so she might actually have to serve some time.

Let’s hear it for double standards.

Thanks to ISOTMOL for the tip

4 thoughts on “FL teacher has sex with four teens”

  1. Like I have said in the past…
    My generation was taught that teachers/policemen/fireman/preist/astronauts/ PRESIDENTS…. Were role models and we had respect for them (or at least knew they were adults and that we had to SHOW respect for them). What great examples these highly held positions are now giving to the younger generations. I weap for our future… truley wonder if we will ever be able to fix this. No wonder kids have lost respect … they have no one TO respect. I can only hope that I will be a good example for my daughter, because I fear she will have no others to look up to.


  2. Oh, Navigator. Don’t weep too long or too hard. One generation after another (including the one before your’s) has opined that “things were better in my day”. It may appear that way, with the burgeoning Internet, 24 hour news, and a constant need by country’s population to consume these kinds of news stories in order to feel morally superior to those depicted in them. These acts aren’t more prevalent than in your day…just more public…and they’re more public PURELY because they’re more profitable. People love to read this crap and say, “oh look how terrible everything is. In MY DAY…”.

    The truth is that there are still a majority of kids growing up today in great families with good parents, a solid understanding of values, and a healthy amount of respect for individuals in their schools and communities who work every day to earn it.

    Its much easier to decry the fall of civilization than to acknowledge the complicated tapestry of good and evil that exists in this world. A more nuanced view would serve you well.


  3. I think these acts are more prevalant in these days. These days almost everyone thinks they were meant to be famous. The internet is giving people that would otherwise have never been knonw their fifteen minutes. I agree completely about the double standards. If she were a man she would be called a disgusting pedophile. Since she is a female she will probably get away without punishment,if she isn’t attractive she may be punished a little but not as much as if she were male. If she is attractive she will get to make lots of money selling her story to entertainment shows and magazines. ESPECIALLY if she marries one of her victims or becomes pregnant.


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