Hans Reiser tries to make deal

Hans Reiser Offers To Lead Cops to Nina’s Body:

I love how a metric assload of people said that there was no way they could convict Hans Reiser because there was no body. I love how they said how that he didn’t do it. I love how they said that he was convicted solely because he’s a geek.

Now they’re all silent because their hero is now trying to make a deal to get his sentence reduced if he shows them his wife’s body.

One thought on “Hans Reiser tries to make deal”

  1. I totally agree with you. That guy was so obnoxious and so arrogant that I was sure he did it. The reason why I thought he did it is that he thought he was so smart that he wouldn’t get caught. I still can’t believe the bile he was spewing about the mother of his children! If only he could have gotten life instead of 15 years. It’s outrageous and he’s a disgusting, horrible person who should never get out of jail. He robbed his children of their mother and then he reads cheesy, treacly poetry to them? Sick! He’s an awful, terrible, evil person.


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