DNA doesn’t clear Echols


How does my hair look?

State: Latest DNA doesn’t clear Echols:

The Arkansas state Attorney General’s office is saying that the DNA of Terry Hobbs does not clear the West Memphis 3 of the murders they’ve been convicted of. Something that I said almost a year ago. Or should I say it doesn’t clear Damien Echols because let’s be honest, that’s who this is really about. But that’s a rant that I’ve gone on before.

“Those unremarkable results do not (and cannot ) demonstrate his actual innocence,” state the court documents, filed May 30 in Craighead County Circuit Court by Assistant Attorney General Kent Holt and Craighead County prosecutors.

The article then goes on to recant the WM3’s defense team’s ludicrous fish theory. You know the one. It said that aquatic life caused the post-mortem trauma and genital mutilation of the eight-year-old victims. But yet they refuse to accept the theory of how the water could have possibly washed away the rest of the DNA that more than likely belonged to their victims.

That’s what happens when you become a zealot. You lose all sense of perspective.

3 thoughts on “DNA doesn’t clear Echols”

  1. Yes, excellent indeed. Now Damien can spend even more time on Death Row for a crime he did not, and could not, have commited. I am so glad Judge Burnett is more interested in seeing justice served than saving face. It’s a damn good thing we were’t expecting him to do anything. The State of Arkansas will never admit they f-ed up on this case. Thier greatest hope lies outside it’s borders. And that’s where the truth will come out.


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