NC father busted on family vacation

Teen sex charges for Monroe man:

There was no confirmation in this story that any social networking site was used in the crime. However, this story is sort of local to me and the guy is so stupid I needed to post this.

48-year-old Michael Richard Wullschleger of Monroe, NC took his family on a vacation to Florida. He dropped them off at a hotel near Sea World and then went online where he started conversing rather lewdly with three 14-year-old girls. He then drove from Orlando to Lakeland to meet with one of these girls for the purpose of sex.

It turned out that not only was the 14-year-old girl he was meeting a Polk County detective but all three ‘girls’ he chatted with were detectives. D’Oh.

To make matters worse Wullschleger is also a swim coach and a school bus driver.

8 thoughts on “NC father busted on family vacation”

  1. idk what he does in his personal time, but he’s a hell of a coach. he never made advances on a single swimmer. i figure he had 2 be drunk.
    -jake s, mvp of his team


  2. One thing you have to realize is that people like this are very good at deception. As for Rick, the intent was there, whether he actually follwed through with the act or not. Being an outstanding coach does not excuse him from his actions. My heart goes out to his wife and his two sons and especially to his teenage daughter, who must now deal with the shame he has brought upon them.


  3. ok this guy was my best friends bus driver. and his daughter is also my friend. well maybe not but we have talked before. and the friend that was on that trip with them was my other best friend. i dont know how this could ever happen. his daughter is in my math class but im not gonna bring up nothing or say anything to her because she probally already had enough of what all ready happened. im just praying for her family. and im hoping they get through this well.


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