An Ohio case of 15 will get you 20

Man Allegedly Has Sex With Teen Through MySpace:

21-year-old Joseph Wade, of Cincinnati, apparently can’t find women his own age. He was arrested for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl that he met on MySpace. Age of consent in Ohio is 16. He was also charged with interference with custody because not only did he help her run away but kept changing her location so her family couldn’t find her.

Wade is obviously a desperate loser but I’m sure we’ll hear from someone who he’s some kind of hero who rescued the girl from her family. You know you can rescue someone without having sex with them.

8 thoughts on “An Ohio case of 15 will get you 20”

  1. “You know you can rescue someone without having sex with them.”

    True that’s how it worked when my family disowned me…the dude needs a life and forcible sterilization.


  2. 1st of all the girl said/and posted she was 19 she was the one who contacted him. he is the victim not her. Runaway??? IF she ran away what does THAT have to do with him. He had nothing to do with that or no knowledge of that.Why doesnt someone check her MYSPACE out and ask her dad who is a LT. officer as well her mother working in the correctional facility. WHY AFTER IT BEING DISPLAYED AS MEETING ON this website how they could keep allowing her to contact older men and seek out more sex drink alcohol and smoke weed and then display this all publicly so maybe if she had parents this young man would not be in this horrible situation if her parents could have taught there child some better manners and not allow her to seek out sex from what she OBVIOUSLY missing from her parents. which is good old fashion LOVE !!! SO PLEEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU SLANDER PEOPLES NAMES. OHH PS WHAT ABOUT INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY OH AND ANOTHER THING HOW COME A 8 YR KID CAN BE TRIED AS AN ADULT BUT YET YOU WANNA ACT LIKE A 15 YR ISNT AN ADULT. THIS JUSTICE SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY HYPERCRITICAL!!!!!!


  3. Like I always say, it doesn’t matter what this girl did/didn’t do, statutory’s statutory, and he should’ve had unmistakable proof this girl was w/e age she claimed to be…oh, and last time I checked, simply reporting a crime online doesn’t constitute slander. Also, this girl committed no crime, so the whole “kids being tried as adults” argument is apples vs. oranges.


  4. I don’t doubt it, usually the case w/these sickos…and to Heaven, of course our court system is hypercritical, they can’t deal w/lawbreakers unless they thoroughly scrutinize every aspect of a case, right? LOL


  5. ok so even if you are right! which I aint saying YOU ARE.. come on 15yrs and 20… its against the law yes but not if you have a parents consent. which obviously he didnt we all get that but I am just meaning everyone is going out of there way to make a topic of this as if he molested a young child its not the same thing going a little overboard with the sterilization and so on… I might agree if sumone said well thats stupid but saying he deserves to get worse than real sex offenders NO .. all I am saying is there are crimes worth more of this cities time. I cant display details but I know the freakin prosecutor doesnt even wanna push this BUT sad truth is some cases catch attention and get worked on so hard for the wrong reasons .. I will not say why this case is like that because it is a open trial but cases catch heat for one party or the other being wealthy, knowing some one important ect.


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