Judge doesn’t dismiss Lori Drew charges

Judge tentatively refuses to dismiss Internet case:

Federal Judge George H. Wu rejected two motions today to dismiss the charges against Lori Drew. Drew, of course, is the hosebeast who basically caused the suicide of Megan Meier by posing as a boy on MySpace then humiliating Meier.

Judge Wu is still considering a third motion and plans to make a decision in a few days.

Barring dismissal a trial date has been set for October, 7th.

3 thoughts on “Judge doesn’t dismiss Lori Drew charges”

  1. Lori Drew knew what she was doing when she posed as a boy to that girl. She didn’t like someone picking or fighting with her daughter instead of being an adult or a parent she became just as bad as the girls fighting. Which is horrible for her to even attempt to get involved like that. Not knowing what the girl’s mental state she went out of her way to create a fake myspace profile to in the long run hurt this girl. Her actions were intentional no matter what the cost. I think she should be locked up and taken away from her children. And if she is married her husband should pay some time too condoning his wife to pose as a teenage boy on myspace. Sickening where do we these people come from?


  2. Lorie Drew may be mean, but there is no law against being mean on the internet or in person.

    At best they could have had an harassment case but they are handling this all wrong.


  3. all the more reason why myspace needs to do checks to see if whomever is legit….so we dont have fake pages like this.

    greg, there may be no law against being mean, but there are laws against fake identities.

    i hope lori’s daughter’s friends all ditched her. because if you dare upset the daughter, then mother dearest will just make a myspace page and target you.

    lesson to learn out of all this? if you can not physically touch them, physically see them in real life, then that means there is always a chance of them not being real.


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