New new West Memphis 3 ‘evidence’

More Developments in West Memphis 3 Case:

Speaking of Damien Echols, because you know we were, his wife Lorri Davis has come forward with what she says is new evidence that will get her husband a new trial. Her timing is amazing considering a judge just denied a retrial Thursday.

Lorri Davis, who is married to Damien Echols, claims an Arkansas attorney is quoted in a sealed affidavit as saying he had conversations with a member of the jury in Echols and Jason Baldwin’s 1994 trial.

Misskelley confessed to the crime, but later recanted. His confession was not allowed to be presented in the trial against Echols and Baldwin. Now Davis claims they have proof that jurors were discussing the confession during deliberations.

So how long has she been sitting in this alleged information? And do you notice it’s evidence that could potentially get her husband a new trial, not Misskelley or Baldwin? Like I keep saying it’s all about Echols and always has been. Misskelley is seen as the turncoat and Baldwin is basically the Shemp of these stooges.

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