Poor Lori Drew

Woman in MySpace Suicide Case Moving Away From Neighborhood:

Poor Lori Drew. When she’s not busy kicking puppies, tearing the wings off of butterflies and making 13-year-old girls commit suicide she has to find a new home. The Drews have decided to leave their Dardenne Prairie, Mo. home for parts unknown. Isn’t that where all the masked wrestlers are from? Then she might fit in real nice there. She could use a nice mask.

Seriously though they are moving within the week and they claim they don’t know where they are going. At least they have the luxury to move. Megan Meier doesn’t.

One thought on “Poor Lori Drew”

  1. She can move all she wants, but she will never be able to live down what she did to Megan.

    I hope that wherever she goes, her neighbors are made aware of what she did.


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