Brian Draper’s MySpace revisited

Maintenance of Convicted Killer Brian Draper’s Myspace Page in Question:

Not too long ago I posted about the MySpace of convicted killer, lifer, and mutant Brian Draper. Draper is one of the teen killers convicted in the 2006 slashing death of someone whom they called their friend, Cassie Jo Stoddart.

I theorized that his MySpace was obviously written by either a member of his family or an advocate who believes that teens should never be charged as adults. I came to that hypothesis after I noticed the proper grammar which I doubt Draper has and the fact that prison inmates usually don’t have access to the internet. It seems that one of my readers tipped off the local media to Draper’s MySpace.

We’ve previously reported on a website that supports Torey Adamcik’s innocence called Voices for Torey. Thanks to a viewer, we tracked down a commentary page that negatively outlines the possibility of Brian Draper updating his myspace page from prison.

Earlier this month, “A Murderer’s Disguise” was posted on the website called The Trenchcoat Chronicles. On it, Trench Reynolds debunks the idea that Draper can access the internet saying, among other things, that the two teenagers have become poster boys for people who believe teens should not be charged as adults. Reynolds simply states that someone else must be maintaining the personal page.

KPVI then followed up on my assumptions and called the Idaho Department of Corrections. They have confirmed that inmates do not have access to the internet. So is it being maintained by family or an advocate? Is Draper actually in the programs that he claims and is it just for show?

None of this could have been possible if it wasn’t for the watchful eye of Mr. A who brought my attention to Draper’s MySpace in the first place.

One thought on “Brian Draper’s MySpace revisited”

  1. Just raising something that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere else regarding this case. From what I’ve read, this case has been tried and widely perceived as one in which two teenage boys, fascinated with the Columbine massacre and horror movies, decided to kill a female school friend for kicks and fame. However, I watched a documentary in which Brian Draper talks about how he liked Cassie, and how it knocked his confidence when she got together with boyfriend Matt. I wondered why jealousy and revenge were not pursued as likely motives for the stabbing. The video footage he took of her in school possibly indicates stalking behavior, and this would explain why he was so insistent on her being the “perfect” candidate for murder in the shocking videos of their planning. I wonder if there were any indications of misogynistic views or violence towards women in his history prior to the crime. I just had a gut feeling watching the documentary that this wasn’t just about “becoming famous”. Does anyone know if this possibility was ever investigated?


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