YouTube under the gun

Finnish gunman’s video puts YouTube policies back in spotlight:

Last year after the shootings at Jokela High School in Finland I called on YouTube to revise its policy about videos such as the ones that Pekka-Eric Auvinen posted prior to the shootings. Of course, the Google-owned company didn’t heed my words. Why would they? I’m just one blogger and they’re a multi-billion dollar corporation. However, that warning has come back to bite them in the ass with Matti Saari and the Kauhajoki School shooting.

As I mentioned before Saari posted similar videos to the ones Auvinen made prior to his shooting spree. Not to mention all the mutant videos that pay tribute to the Columbine killers. I wonder if it will finally take the deaths of 10 people in Finland to rethink their policies.

Stop relying on the users to flag inappropriate videos. Considering the stereotypical YouTube user this is kind of the videos they live for.

Like I’ve said before if Google can censor the entire country of China I would imagine they could do a better job in screening their videos.

One thought on “YouTube under the gun”

  1. Another one bites the dust, eh.
    Guess it won’t be long until this happens in most countries.

    By the way, here in Australia, 2 school have recently had issues with students bringing guns to school and threatening to kill teachers/students.


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