Did Lori Drew have a second ‘victim’?

Second teenager may be tied to MySpace hoax:

Lo and behold the evil Lori Drew may have had a second victim in her alleged MySpace harassment game.

As most of you know 13-year-old Megan Meier committed suicide after her MySpace friend, the supposed Lori Drew created Josh Evans, told her that the world would be better off without her.

Now it turns out that another teenage girl may have been strung along by the fictitious Josh Evans.

However Drew’s attorney is using this second girl to cast doubt on the federal prosecutor’s case.

In his motion, Steward seeks the phone records of S.D. to prove that prosecutors mistakenly linked Meier to a message that S.D. actually sent to the fake account.

Steward said “S.D.” was “a juvenile that was part of a group of teenagers who were texting and e-mailing each other. There were a couple of boys involved.”

Since Drew is being prosecuted for fraud and not for Megan’s suicide I don’t think this is the best lawyering tactic but then again I’m not a lawyer.

It also sounds like Lori Drew was enjoying herself posing as a teenage boy.

Woman’s got more issues than Reader’s Digest.

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