More on the Pennsylvania pedophile that perused a personal ad

Mt. Washington Man Charged After Responding To Teen’s Ad On Craigslist:

This is a follow-up to the post I did about 38-year-old Mark Nernberg who responded to the personal ad of a 14-year-old boy.

According to police in Mt. Washington, PA the boy did, in fact, take out the personal ad on craigslist and it stated that he was looking for sex between consenting adults. However, police say that Nernberg knew the kid was underage.

Good job to the parents who allowed their kid to post this ad.

One thought on “More on the Pennsylvania pedophile that perused a personal ad”

  1. My friend once bought pot off of Mark Nernberg. He is a really strange guy who once had a pet serval (a type of wild cat native to Africa that he did not have a permit to own) which escaped into the park near where he lived for and proceeded to elude captivity for a few months. He told me that he could help me get an ocelot and gave me a few contacts, but I never tried reaching any of those people.I overheard the local news one night and saw that he has sex with kids. At the time, I was talking to my mother, and I stopped mid-sentence when I heard the anchorwoman say that Mark was caught porking some fourteen year old in Highland Park. I pretended like something else distracted me, because I didn’t want my mother to know that I once rubbed elbows with a pedophile. Unfortunately, Mark and I never really hit it off because I made fun of him too much when we first met, but I ended up feeling sorry for him once I started to understand him more after prank phone calling him for about a week.Anyway, here is a video of him trick-spinning a pizza on youtube: myspace alias was “leopard412” (note the exotic cat reference) but it has since been removed.


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