Scott Shefelbine sentenced

Tolland Man Sentenced 20 Years For Sexual Assault:

One of the earliest MySpace predators that I posted about at this site was one Scott Shefelbine. He’s the balding man in his 30’s who would convince teenage girls that he was 19 and would have sex with them. And if they didn’t comply Shefelbine would turn violent.

To my recollection, he was arrested at least a dozen times and for most of them, his parents would post bail only have him to re-offend before trial. Eventually, his bond was revoked.

Well, today is sort of a joyous day as Shefelbine was sentenced to 20 years behind bars today. If he gets out he’ll be on probation for another 10 years and will be a registered sex offender.

Shefelbine’s dad, who was arrested him himself for hitting a TV reporter, was still in denial over his son’s actions saying that it was simply a case of ‘normal courtship gone awry’. Over a dozen times? If that was my dad he would have said ‘Only 20 years? Give ’em more!

This case also caught my attention because Connecticut’s Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, was constantly in the press for being tough on MySpace yet it takes a predator in his own state to be arrested a dozen times before he stops offending.

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