Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez
Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Missing Boy’s Mom Pleads For His Release:

I posted this story before but it needs to be repeated.

A child has gone missing and the child’s fate is unknown. A parent sits in jail refusing to give any information. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Except this story hardly receives any media attention outside of its local area.

5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez of Lynn, Mass. went missing three months ago. Giovanni spent a weekend with his father, Ernesto Gonzalez, but when the weekend was over Giovanni’s mother went to pick him up but he was not there.

Ernesto Gonzalez now sits in jail and claims to have no knowledge of what happened to his son.

But since there are no obnoxious grandmothers or glory seeking bounty hunters or amorous attorneys it gets little play in the national media.

The more people who see his picture the closer he is to coming home.

4 thoughts on “Giovanni Gonzalez”

  1. Unfortunately, Trench, he’s probably been hid so good even God won’t find him. These cases so rarely turn out well.

    My prayers for that beautiful baby boy.


  2. Thanks, Trench, for keeping the spotlight on Giovanni’s case. This one breaks my heart every day. The police remain convinced that he’s alive. If that’s true, then someone, somewhere must have seen him.

    Thanks for putting him front and center again.


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