Burn in Hell Rusty Yates

(Guest post by Jade)

This morning I had the somewhat unusual experience of Trench asking me if I wanted to run with a story. He knows this is a story that has chapped my ass for many years, so of course, I had no trouble saying yes.

It seems my favorite DSD (defective sperm donor, for those not familiar with the term) Russell “Rusty” Yates is whoring himself in the media yet once again. The entire article can be read here but I’ll just highlight the parts relevant to me.

First and foremost is the fact that Yates himself never spent a second behind bars. The doctors told Rusty and Andrea because of the degree of her postpartum depression after her second or third child, it would be ill-advised to have any more. I always got the impression that in that marriage whatever Rusty-boy wanted, Rusty-boy got. He wanted more children, he got more children. It may never have occurred to Andrea to say no. They were a deeply religious family and in her mind, it would have been a sin not to honor her husband’s wishes. So, at his urging, she stopped her anti-psychotic medication in order to become pregnant again.

We all know how the story ends. Battling whatever demons were inside her brain at the time, and believing she was saving her children from going to hell, she methodically drowned all five of them. There was a public outcry for her execution, which the mother in me agreed with, but having suffered from a minor form of mental illness myself, I know that no rational human being would have done this.

My biggest problem with this whole story, indeed the biggest travesty of justice as far as I am concerned is that Rusty Yates never had to pay any sort of price for the deaths of his children. He wanted more children. He convinced her to stop her meds in order to become pregnant again. He dismissed her previous suicide attempts in order to get what he wanted – more children. How’d that work for you, Rusty?

Then he pledges to stand by Andrea through thick and thin. Yeah, that lasted. [/sarcasm]

Now he’s married to the second Mrs. Yates, Lisa, with a new infant son Mark. One has to wonder how long it will be before there are more children. One also has to wonder if his new wife is that insecure that she thought she’d never land a better man, or is she mentally ill as well. Those are the only two conclusions I can come to as to why any woman in the world would EVER marry Rusty Yates. They have already had a child, a beautiful son. Does Rusty look at him every day and suffer over the lives of his lost children. I hope so. I also pray every day that the current Mrs. Yates will wise up, take her child, and get as far away from Rusty as soon as possible. Can you imagine that child growing up hearing stories about his father’s ex-wife? You know it will only be a matter of time before he realizes his father was not innocent in the whole matter. And that will be one more child lost to Rusty.

Andrea Yates is now in a psychiatric facility receiving the care and counseling she so desperately needs. On her most coherent days, she realizes what she has done. That must be a horrible thing to live with. Rusty apparently has no such qualms. In my humble opinion, he should be serving a life sentence. He is just as guilty, if not more so than Andrea. What man (and I use that term very lightly) pressures his wife for more children knowing it’s endangering her mental health and the safety of the children? A fucking weak, spineless coward, that’s who. He should be serving a life sentence in prison. He should also be castrated before he can bring any more innocent children into the world to be destroyed.

This case has disturbed me for so many years that I become violently ill whenever I hear his name. Law enforcement may never be able to punish him, but just remember Rusty…karma is a bitch. One of these days you will have to stand before your Creator, and I can’t imagine that he’s going to be thrilled to see you. One can only hope that God feels the same as many of us and Rusty will spend the rest of eternity burning in hell.

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