Zarate parents testify

Murder suspect’s mother testifies son suffered behavioral problems:

Yesterday Jonathan Zarate’s parents testified in his defense for the murder of Jennifer Parks.

Zarate’s mother, Flora Mari, testified that four months prior to the murder she had taken Zarate to a psychiatrist because he was crapping his pants and the bathroom floor. Except, the psychiatrist at the time said it was not any kind of psychosis but a lack of communication between Zarate and his mother. A bizarre way of getting attention maybe?

John Zarate, Zarate’s father, testified that he went in the basement to do laundry three hours after the murder and claims that he did not notice any blood or bleach while he was down there. He did clean some crap that was on the bathroom floor.

The prosecuting attorney didn’t believe Zarate the elder and asked him if it was bloody clothes that he was cleaning. The defense objected to that question and the judge sustained the objection.

The trial will continue Monday when a psychiatrist will testify that Zarate was psychotic at the time of the murder.

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