Dixie Chick sued over WM3 comments

New Lawsuit in West Memphis 3 Case Involves the Dixie Chicks:

Natalie Maines is being sued by the step-father of one of the victims of the West Memphis 3. Back in December of last year, Maines announced her support of the West Memphis 3 after seeing the documentaries. She wrote a letter on her website asking for money for their defense fund. It was that letter that has her in hot water.

When the much ballyhooed DNA evidence was released, a hair on one of the victims belonged to Terry Hobbs. Hobbs was the step-father of one of the victims. In the letter on Maines’ website, she basically stated that Hobbs is the ‘real murderer…

In part, she wrote, “he washed his clothes and sheets at odd hours for no other reason than to hide evidence from the crime.”

Now Hobbs is filing a lawsuit for defamation.

I said this when the DNA evidence was first released, it doesn’t implicate Hobbs and it doesn’t clear the WM3. For her to go out and unequivocally call Hobbs the killer is reckless and stupid.

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