Jonesboro shooter denied permit

Westside killer seeks handgun permit:

Drew Douglas Grant of Evening Shade, Arkansas had applied for a conceal and carry permit but was denied by Arkansas State Police. So why is this newsworthy? It turns out that Drew Douglas Grant is the new legal name of the former Andrew Golden. The same Andrew Golden who participated in the Jonesboro massacre.

What made him think that request would be approved? I have a gut feeling that he wanted to conceal and carry for his own protection but he had to know that request would never be approved. At least he seems to be taking the legal route rather than just going out and carrying a gun like his cohort Mitchell Johnson.

The problem now becomes that Golden/Grant’s new identity has been made public which could lead to harassment or even worse vigilantism. Which I would imagine would be his reason for wanting the permit.

While I believe that Golden/Grant should at least be in prison for life for what he and Johnson did this may just be a case of someone who has actually been rehabilitated. But again in my opinion rehabilitation is the exception and not the rule.

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