Goth girl charged with arranging hit on dad

15-year-old Danielle Black of Hagerstown, Md. has been charged with soliciting a hit on her father by a classmate. Now the Washington Post article claims that she’s suspected of being part of a clique that likes to drink each other’s blood. The WJLA article just states she’s goth. Most of you know how I feel about The Post so I’m more inclined to believe WJLA.

Anyway, prosecutors say she enlisted the aid of a classmate to kill her father. However, it wasn’t the kid she asked but another classmate, 19-year-old Alec S. Eger that killed Mr. Black.

She allegedly told her classmate that her father leaves at 5am every day and where he parks his truck. To make the story more convincing it’s alleged that she told the classmate that her father was abusing her and Eger believed it.

On the morning of Halloween Eger confronted Mr. Black about the supposed abuse. A scuffle ensued which ended up with Eger stabbing Black to death according to police.

Police say that there was no evidence that Danielle Black was being abused. Police also say, according to The Post, that the only problem Mr. Black had with anyone was with the goth clique that his daughter hung out with claiming they were cutters and drank each other’s blood. To me, that sounds like a motive.

Here’s the thing, Danielle Black has been charged as a juvenile. Meanwhile, Eger is looking at first-degree murder charges. As far as I’m concerned she should be charged as an adult since she instigated it. I’m not saying that Eger should be let go but she’s as equally culpable as he is.

She doesn’t even seem the least bit remorseful for what happened…

The girl says on her MySpace page that she now lives with her mother: “I used 2 live with my father until he was killed on halloween of this ’08.” A more recent posting says: “wats gonna happen now that everything is settling down? everything is becoming clear nd i got the best ppl in the world. i luv you guys. don’t stop bein u. nd don’t give up on ur self or me.”

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar to you it should because it sounds almost identical to the case of Kyle Hulbert. Hulbert was duped into killing a girl’s father because of claims of abuse and Kyle is serving a much harsher sentence than the girl also in an area near D.C.

Washington Post


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