More on Sean Brown’s parole

Those who want to fax their letters to the Texas Parole Board to keep Sean Huston Brown in jail can fax them at…

Attention: Susan
Re: Sean Brown TDCJ# 1491487

Don’t forget the case number as that is critical.

You can also e-mail the Parole Board at

Remember to keep it professional. It won’t help anybody to have a lot of ranting and raving and cursing.

For those of you who just joined us Sean Brown was an accomplice in the murder of Ashton Glover. Matt McCombs shot her in the head out of ‘morbid curiosity’. Brown helped McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body and trying to cover up the crime. Both of them tried to flee the country.

If Sean Brown is granted parole he could be out in January which isn’t nearly enough. Brown was sentenced to 10 years last year but if he were to get out in January that would be less than one year in prison for Ashton’s death.

Thanks to Chon for the information.

4 thoughts on “More on Sean Brown’s parole”

  1. Thank you to the person who wrote this. Her friends and family are thankful for your help. Also thank you to everyone who has written letters. We greatly appreciate all of your efforts.


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