Cho e-mails released

Va. Tech Campus Paper Posts E-mails To and About Gunman Online:

The Virginia Tech student newspaper, The Collegiate Times, has made public e-mails concerning Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung Hui. The e-mails were originally released only to the families of the victims and Collegiate Times editor-in-chief David Grant won’t say how the paper came to be in possession of them. Some are criticizing the Times for making these public stating it’s disrespectful to the families but the Times has not made any family information publicly available.

The e-mails between Cho and Virginia Tech faculty can be seen here. E-mails between faculty members about Cho can be read here.

In my opinion there really isn’t anything new in these e-mails that we didn’t already know. They further show just how selfish Cho was and how he blamed his failures and shortcomings on others.

He had trouble speaking in public yet he chose to become an English major. He was failing some of his courses but he blamed that on the professors. The professors offered him every opportunity to help him bring his grades up but he kept wanting to do things his way. They offered him advice on how to get over his problems with public speaking. They were legitimately concerned about his mental health. No one can say that Cho was a victim.

He lived his life the same way he took so many others. An egotistical and selfish punk who thought it was all about him with no regard for anyone else but himself.

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