Arsonist called for traveling

Parolee charged with seeking sex from teen:

38-year-old Calvin Rexroad of Urbana, Illinois is a convicted arsonist. He served half of a 25-year sentence for setting his ex-girlfriend’s car on fire which then caught the ex’s home on fire while she and her kids were inside. Luckily they escaped the fire.

I guess he thought it was high time for a criminal career change. An alert father discovered that Rexford was more or less grooming his 13-year-old daughter over MyYearbook. He contacted the police. Police set up Rexford for the sting and nabbed his ass at a Victoria’s Secret.

The interesting thing is that not only was Rexford charged with indecent solicitation of a child but he was also charged with the brand new law of traveling to meet a minor. That law took effect on Jan. 1st.

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5 thoughts on “Arsonist called for traveling”

  1. You people are really sorry because you don’t have any of the facts correct. Hope you all get the virus and never recover from it.


  2. You guys are really retarded and can’t get any facts straight. What you all need is a good old fashioned ass whipping like your grandma was supposed to be given you. That’s way you can’t get any real jobs
    This site must be ran by a bunch of retarded put of work Moran’s.


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