Top 10 tips for parents

Mastering MySpace Dangers: 10 Tips for Concerned Parents:

This is an incredible article that every parent with a MySpace age kid needs to read. It gives 10 very simple common sense tips on how to deal with kids’ behavior on MySpace or any other social networking site.

Even if you think you’re pretty advanced in your net knowledge I still recommend reading it.

One thought on “Top 10 tips for parents”

  1. The only one I’d disagree with is “skip the monitoring software.” If you’re concerned that you won’t always be able to look over their shoulder, go for it.

    Violation of privacy? If they’re not getting into trouble online, it’s not going to matter. And if they are, they’ll get over it eventually – if not, at least they’re more likely to be around a good long time to be angry with you. You’re a parent, not a friend.


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