Robin Kittrell released early

Student with cache of guns released early:

Robin Kittrell was the teen who brought an arsenal of weapons to school thinking he could prevent a Columbine situation at Whitewater High School in Georgia. As part of his sentence, Kittrell was in a juvenile psychiatric facility, but now he’s out and the local community isn’t pleased. He wasn’t supposed to be released until April or May and now he’s out and the community was not notified to their satisfaction.

While previously I would have said that the community has their panties in a wad over nothing now I’m not so sure…

The order goes on to state, “While the defendant remains distant from others in his dorm, seems to have very few social interactions; has a chip on his shoulder regarding his incarceration; and likes for others to see him as a victim; the superintendent believes that he has probably received the full benefit of the detention center program.”

This does not bode well. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think that I am.

3 thoughts on “Robin Kittrell released early”

  1. So on 4/6/2016 he has a motion to terminate his probation. What are your opinions about this? Do you think he’s a safe individual? This case seems very interesting, and rare considering this could have been a possible school shooting. It’s not often that you see people stopping and preventing individuals from going on mass killing sprees.


    1. It depends. If he’s been receiving mental health treatment and his condition has improved, I would not have a problem with it. If he’s still combative with a chip on his shoulder then I would definitely have a problem with it.


  2. I actually grew up and went to elementary school with this kid. I was at the school when this happened and it was kinda surprising that him of all people would do this. To this day I still wonder if I got lucky and dodged a bullet… (pun intended)


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