Ex-cop with foot fetish gets probation

Ex-Police Officer Gets Probation for Paying Teen Girls to Suck Toes:

37-year-old Michael Curtin used to be a police officer in Munhall, Pa. just outside of Pittsburgh. Three months after he was fired from the force he was arrested for soliciting sex from an underage girl and offering others $1,000 to suck their toes. Some of those solicitations and requests took place over MySpace. The more amazing thing is that some of the girls took him up on his offer. Ick. How much little self-esteem do you have to have to basically whore yourself out like that? I mean how many teen girls would really suck the toes of a 30-something ex-cop for money?

Anyway, the former flatfoot was sentenced to just 5 years probation after pleading guilty to the charges against him.

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