Facebook removes sex offenders

Facebook has removed 5,500 sex offenders since May:

Facebook removed over 5,500 convicted sex offenders from their site between last May and this January. That’s roughly an average of 600 per month.

In two years MySpace removed 90,000 sex offenders. That works out to 3,750 a month.

But the question remains does MySpace have more sex offenders on their site or are they just better at finding them than Facebook?

One thought on “Facebook removes sex offenders”

  1. You guys are all paranoid again. You need to educate your kids and let them know what’s out there. Sex offenders are just the ones that got caught. Millions of pre-sex offenders are out there right now. The ones caught are the ones being watched…but who’s watching the sex offenders of tomorrow? It’s not about regulating the offender of today….It’s about WHEN the next sex offender will be created. Talk to your kids, cuz predators come in all shapes and sizes. Teachers, neighbors, pastors…EVEN POLICE!!


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