Paducah shooter asks federal judge to overturn sentence

Michael Carneal
Michael Carneal

Ky shooter, Carneal, asks judge to overturn sentence:

Michael Carneal is at it again. After having his plea to have his life sentence overturned by the Kentucky Supreme Court, the Heath High school shooter is now appealing to a federal judge to have it overturned.

Carneal was the 14-year-old gunman in the 1997 school shooting at Heath High School in Paducah, Kentucky, that claimed 3 lives and injured 5 others.

He now conveniently claims that at the time of the shooting he heard voices and that he did not fully understand his guilty plea. Of course, he also claimed that he was bullied even though the people he shot were in a prayer circle. Maybe he was bullied by the ‘voices’ in his head.

It’s never about personal responsibility with these shooters. In their mind, it’s always someone else’s fault that people are dead.

One thought on “Paducah shooter asks federal judge to overturn sentence”

  1. Yes, I suppose he finally did. I’m not defending his actions as far as saying he needs to be released. He doesn’t. But, this isn’t all new information. As far as hearing voices and what not, the doctors all figured that out almost immediately afterwards. This isn’t some new claim or new revelation. Why he shot the people he did, I have no idea because they were not the ones who had bullied him the most. I do want to add that this is not the stereotypical family people picture when they think of this type of thing. His sister was valedictorian that same year. His father is an attorney and his mother does charity work all over Paducah. They are nice people who had something horrible happen to them. They are really not to blame. I don’t know anything about Michael trying to get himself released other than what I’ve read here. It may or may not be true, but it certainly won’t happen.


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