Pimp recruited 14-year-old girl over MySpace

DA: Queens man forced 14-year-old into prostitution:

25-year-old Jamaal Watkins of Queens, New York was indicted on 95 counts of child prostitution last week.

He’s accused of recruiting a 14-year-old girl over MySpace and pimping her out on over 500 ‘dates’ in a matter of a two month period. According to the article she went on least 11 ‘dates’ a day. For those of you not up on your prostitution lingo a date means she had money for sex.

Before you ask where the girl’s parents were, unfortunately for whatever reason they are not in her life. The girl was living in a group home before running away to work for Watkins.

One of the indictments against Watkins is for rape. Pimps usually have sex with their own girls especially if they need to be ‘trained’. Also, take a look at Watkins’ MySpace which I’ve linked above. He touts himself as some kind of photographer. I would lay odds that’s how he recruits his more impressionable employees.

What kills me though is that even with 95 indictments for child prostitution and rape he’s only looking at a max of 15 years. We need new laws to punish obvious predators like this much harsher.

2 thoughts on “Pimp recruited 14-year-old girl over MySpace”

  1. Stop running your mouth about things you do not Know. 100% of what you said was a lie. Stop believing everything you read.


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