Examine This! – The Examiner gets it wrong about Mumia

Why Obama should exonerate Mumia AbuJamal:

Something has always bugged me about the Examiner. Maybe it’s because I get the impression that they try to pose as a legitimate news site when they’re nothing more than a collective of bloggers. Granted this incarnation of my site has the word news in the title but I don’t think anyone wouldn’t recognize it for the two-bit blog it is.

Back to the matter at hand. One of the Examiner’s members has posted this article about why President Obama should exonerate convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal but then only mentions President Obama’s name once in the article. Instead, the author goes on to list a bunch of propaganda from a pro-Mumia website. Two can play that game.

The author states that Officer Daniel Faulkner, who the author refers only to as ‘the policeman’ was killed with a .44 bullet but Mumia’s gun was a .38. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt wrong, thanks for playing. According to DanielFaulkner.com the bullet removed from Officer Faulkner’s brain was a .38 caliber bullet. So basically Mumia’s bullet was found in Daniel Faulkner and Daniel’s bullet was the one found in Mumia.

I could go on with other myths that the Examiner author posted but why bother? It’s obvious that this alleged journalist has a built-in bias and personally doesn’t even look old enough to have been alive when Daniel Faulkner was shot and killed let alone to have ever been to Philadelphia.

If President Obama should do anything it should be to reinstate Mumia’s death sentence. But even I realize that’s not within the President’s power.

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