Sean Brown denied parole

Sean Huston Brown
Sean Huston Brown

Teen Denied Parole In Classmate’s Death:

This is the news we’ve been waiting for people. Sean Huston Brown has been denied parole for his role in the murder of Ashton Glover.

If you’ll recall 16-year-old Ashton was shot and killed by Matt McCombs out of morbid curiosity. Brown was present at the time of the murder and helped McCombs dispose of Ashton’s body. Brown was sentenced to 10 years for evidence tampering. He was eligible for parole so quickly because his crime was not deemed violent.

Anyway, the good news, if any good news can be taken from this, is that Brown’s parole was denied. No word yet in what swayed the parole board. Hopefully, it was just pure common sense.

3 thoughts on “Sean Brown denied parole”

  1. I never heard about this crime until just now, so I googled it to read what had happened. This is absolutely sick to see how cold blooded and evil these boys could be. they have absolutely no conscience!!!! I hope they have to do their full terms and don’t get out a single second early. They deserve every minute they have behind bars and 100 times that. They will get their punishment here, but that is nothing compared to what they will get when they meet their maker. They are pure EVIL and God will make sure that they get what is deserved. We have to believe in that otherwise it will feel like a complete injustice for the easy term sentence they received here on earth. God bless Ashton and her family. I am sure she is in Gods care and His hands will take great care of her. God bless and I am so thankful the parole board saw what sick people these devil controlled guys are!


  2. It is scary to think back upon but i remember when this happened. I was actually friends with the two guys and it is impossible to imagine they could have done this, even to this day. I would never have believed them to be capable of such cruelty, such lack of respect for human life. I wish i had known Ashton, every time i see her picture i still feel the lose as if it was just yesterday. I feel this lose so much because not only was Ashton lost but i lost two of my friends, they may as well be dead. At least ashton will go to heaven, my two ex-friends never will… and they deserve that…


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