Lee Billi sentenced

Ohio man sentenced in Indiana school plot:

The world’s oldest mutant, 34-year-old Lee Billi of Ohio, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars. He was not only sentenced for his part in an interstate plot to attack two high schools but also for the child porn that was found on his computer.

If you’ll recall Billi conspired with Russell Frantom of Penn High School in Indiana to attack two different schools on the same day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Billi was also trying to groom Frantom but that remains to be seen.

Billi gets 11 months time served and will be labeled as a sex offender.

Before he was sentenced Billi gave this excuse to the judge…

“I apologize for what happened,” Billi quietly told the judge. “I was in a Catch-22. I was in a job that didn’t provide medical. I need help. That’s all I can say, I need help.”

That may just be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. Right now a lot of people don’t even have jobs let alone medical coverage but they don’t have child porn on their computer and plan killing sprees with 16-year-olds.

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