Md. woman charged with deaths of kids found in freezer

Renee Bowman
Renee Bowman

Md. Woman Is Charged In Deaths Of 2 Girls:

Renee Bowman, who I’ve dubbed the Frog Clown, has been charged in the deaths of her two adopted daughters. If you’ll recall the bodies of 9-year-old Jasmine Nicole Bowman and 11-year-old Minnet Cecilia Bowman were found in Bowman’s freezer last year after a third child escaped from the house and notified a neighbor of the abuse she was receiving at the hands of Bowman.

Bowman has been in jail since September after the bodies were found but now she’s officially been charged with their deaths. Police believe both girls died from asphyxia at the hands of Bowman.

Bowman was also collecting government money after the girls’ deaths.

42 thoughts on “Md. woman charged with deaths of kids found in freezer”

  1. Source

    Mr. Nickles said Miss Bowman adopted one girl in 2001, then adopted two sisters unrelated to the first child in 2004. He said that the requisite FBI background checks and home visits were done, and that Miss Bowman received a stipend of roughly $2,400 a month for the three children as part of federal law.

    Looks like she was to me.


  2. Not if it’s a special needs child, you don’t. Read up on adoptive law as related to foster/adoption, Mr. Lee. You are displaying your own ignorance, and making yourself look like an idiot. Although I doubt you will, because based on your responses to several stories here, you seem to be a troll. Why don’t you go back under your bridge and play with yourself, and leave the people here who really care about the children alone?


  3. Trench search for me on your site I’m 12-06-06 story 5 year old free to good home. Now would you like to know the real story with the Florida Department of children &amp family’s And the Escambia county sheriff department.

    I can email you the abuse reports pryor to my posting of the add on Craigslist


  4. I checked 12-06-06 on this site, and guess what? No story about a free child. Would you like to go for double jeopardy, where the scores can really change?


  5. Again, Mr. Lee, if you don’t like it, feel free to leave. If you ARE one of the featured parents here, then I can understand why you are being so argumentative. That doesn’t alleviate the fact though, that most of the people who come here, do so to critique and criticize the sorry POS breeders who are featured. If you tried to sell, trade, or give away YOUR OWN CHILD – then you are a POS too. I don’t care what the circumstances were, you don’t traffic in human lives. There are too many other options that would have been available to you instead of doing what you did. There is no justification or explanation that would suffice.


  6. There really isn’t much to the story now. DCF hid the story of my son’s death in 08 at the hands of a foster parent Ya, the boy I never got to see or meet.

    PS I will continue to harass this site until the post is removed


  7. What someone else may or may not have done in no way excuses what you did. That’s like a couple of 6-yr olds fighting:

    Bobby: “Mooooommmmm! John hit me!
    John: “But, Bobby hit me first!”

    Neither justifies the other.


  8. So basically, you advertised your child free to good home, while posing as its mother to make HER look bad? Sounds like it worked out very well for you! Did you not think that at some point you would get caught? Theres no excuses for that. The fact that your child was in foster care at all, could have been avoided if you had of thought it through a bit?

    PS Continue to harass this site, by doing so you are making yourself seem even more ridiculous, and we could all use a good laugh!


  9. oh come on, it’s easy for me to see when I goggle this guy like he says and see the goggle ad that he was really frustrated and you know what, he was using sarcasm and the internet to get some media attention to look at the situation his child was in, it’s pretty obvious it was not a real give away, Mr. Lee I’m sorry for the loss of your child and wish that your story could be told. Look people, there are other stories here of foster adoptive parents desimating children, so perhaps this guy has a real tale to be told, his son is dead now, not by anything he did, can he get an ear or a little compassion


  10. Well Mr Raymond I have googled you and cant really come up with anything, so please do tell what circumstances made it OK for you to place that ad? Whats your story? I think we are all here for truth, so tell us…


  11. Wow…she’s just a lovely woman. Women with three necks really turn me on….

    And Angel is correct in her assesments. I went and looked at the story (couldn’t find one here but did find the news account) and must say you strike me as a REAL winner there Raymond. Keep making those good choices in life that have gotten you this far….talk about idiots…sheeesh.


  12. Ugh… unfortunately my work computer wont let me access that site… any possibility that someone could copy/paste it?


  13. Samantha, here it is:

    Nov. 30, 2006

    PENSACOLA, Fla. — A posting on the popular Craigslist Web site offering to give away a 5-year-old boy was a hoax posted by a father embroiled in a custody dispute, investigators said Wednesday.

    Raymond Lawrence Lee, 50, of El Cajon, Calif., told detectives he was upset with the child’s mother when he placed the “free to a good home” ad under the “free stuff” section of the site, said Mike Ward, a spokesman for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. The mother has custody of the boy.

    The ad was written as if it were placed by the mother and read, in part: “I’ve had him now for five years. I’ve somewhat abused him, but I cannot control myself or him. I have mental problems. DCF (The Department of Children &amp Families) won’t remove him. His father lives in California and has no contact with him. I don’t make enough money to support him and myself.”

    Ward said investigators went to the mother’s Pensacola home and found the child was safe. Ward said there had never been a DCF investigation of abuse of the child.

    Lee “admitted he did post that ad and that he did it to make the mother look bad because they are in the middle of a custody battle,” Ward said.

    There was no phone listing for a Raymond Lee in El Cajon or for the mother, Mary Steele, in Pensacola.

    Ward said he didn’t think there were any charges that could be filed against the father. He said they notified authorities in San Diego.

    San Diego police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said the case had been referred to the Internet Crimes Against Children task force.

    Gotta say I agree with Zappa – Raymond doesn’t come across as a prime choice for parent of the year with this ploy.


  14. BTW – Getting cheesed off at Trent for a 2006 post (it is on here, I’ve seen it) is kinda fruitless since he wasn’t doing this site at that time.


  15. Now for the rest of the story Fl DCF had 4 reports of neglect, one involving she would leave the child in the car while attending AA meetings at three years old. he got out of the car during one of these meeting and was found walking down the Highway by his self.

    Second she was evicted from her apartment because of the filth maggots growing in the sink and mold on the walls. then moved to another apartment and was evicted from that one 6 months later for the filth.

    Third he reported to his mother that the babysitter had put his penis in his mouth and his mother continued to let him babysit when this was reported to the sheriff department they did a poor investigation at best when I question the investigator as to how does a 4 year old know about having a penis put in his mouth.
    The investigators said maybe he saw it on TV .So I asked the investigator why is a 4 year old watching porn . No reply from her.

    So I posted the add on Craigslist. Got a lot of coverage but no one replied
    personally to me. As the news coverage said there was no phone number for me. But the sheriff deputy Ski Gowitzke E.C.S.D who called me, he had my phone # also this number was supplied to melissa schwartz AP writer.

    Now as
    the story reads Mike Ward spokesperson for the E.C.S.D. Stated in the Associated Press story the were no reports of abuse. When in fact there were 9 investigations at that time when I Posted the Craigslist ad

    Raymond Lee El Cajon Ca. another thing I was not married to her.

    Now his grandfather was the honorable Richard Horan Judge in Va.


  16. Thank you, Ihavekidstoo, for posting that for me. These darn govt computers… ha… I agree… what a totally adult thing to do! Wow… Mr Raymond, if this child was so neglected and you cared so much, where were you? Just wondering. I dare my kids POS absent father to make some allegations against me… Sounds kind of like you were just bitter.


  17. I was bitter at the Judge that kept returning him to his mother Time and time again Because DCF kept stating it was safe for him to be returned to his home and then another abuse report would pop up The judge ordered an ICPC Interstate compact for protective custody BUT FL DCF attorneys blocked it by saying it was safe for him to be returned and the Judge kept agreeing with DCF. By the time he was 6 there were 12 investigations of abuse


  18. People, don’t feed the trolls. They won’t even go away at all if you insist on feeding them. If you ignore them, they will often go away. Literally.

    As for that vile fat whore so-called mom named Renee Bowman, she is a truly fat ugly bloated bitch and I hope she gets her fat arse beat down in prison by her inmates cuz even inmates hate child abusers.


  19. Raymond, I am sorry for the loss of your son. 😦 I understand your frustration.

    If you truly want to shed light on the case, can you scan the police reports on the child’s death, and also scan the abuse allegations? And post them to your own website, to show what’s been going on, what you have been going through.

    What your son went through…

    You have a right to illustrate to all the events as they actually happened. As long as you can back up your statements with documentation, I don’t believe it’s libel. And the web is a great way to do that.

    But you have to be responsible about it. You have to admit the craigslist thing wasn’t a good idea. But you can of course explain that you were feeling desperate, with your concern for the child’s welfare, and that your desperation drove you to doing something that was ill advised.

    Maybe you can convince Trench with the evidence so that he posts an update to the story on this website, and posts a link to that update on the original post. Of course, that’s up to Trench.

    But anyway, if things really went down the way you say the did, I am truly sorry for what happened. 😦

    Just be advised that trolling this sight isn’t going to increase sympathy for you. Telling your story and backing your story up with documentation: that will increase sympathy and get you heard.

    Did you try to contact the Florida governor or anyone else high up regarding the death of your son?


  20. First off as was mentioned I was not working on this site in 2006. Secondly if you had asked me nicely Mr. Lee I might have been happy to remove the story from this site if it’s in fact even here. Now I can’t be bothered to look for it. Lastly if you wanted to get into an internet pissing match you picked the wrong guy to do it with.


  21. Trench, I was just wondering if you know that the word “charged” in the title of this story is missing a letter? I know it’s probably just a typo, but could you fix it so I won’t have to do my little ritual ‘spelling dance’ every time I come to this story to read a comment? LOL. Just kidding about the dance, but I may be a little OCD on that matter.


  22. Holy shit, her face looks like some kind of gross mask. Or like… a face that has been slapped on top of her real (even fatter) face.


  23. Trench I have a big dick so a piss contest is not a option for you. I will e-mail you the DCF reports tag me ( and I will send you all the DCF reports.Step up pussy lets see what your site is made of. They will be PDF


  24. Mike Ward he told detectives he was upset with no phone # so how did the detective contact me The story does not ring true. I talked to the detective when he called my house so why was there no phone #


  25. Maybe if someone had been more careful about who he stuck his big dick into he wouldn’t be in this mess… Great job on picking the mother for your children, then whining about it.


  26. Wow Raymond – Calling Trench a pussy is a sure fire way to make yourself out to be a prince. I’d like to shake the hand of the judge that didn’t give you custody. It sounds to me like your child stands a better chance if he was given away on craigslist. Listen – No one (well one person) fucking posted on your story – NO ONE CARES!!! Why the Hell are you here, years later, trying to convince us that you are the pillar of society? Bottom line – You fucked up… now go away. This story isn’t about you. It’s about the troll woman that killed a child and you are taking away from the matter at hand. Go post your bullshit on your own story. Unless you think this fat, worthless cow is innocent. In which case, that would make you a biger moron than I thought.

    Good day to you.


  27. Raymond – Was that you HAVE a big dick or you ARE a big dick. And are you telling this to Trench because you are hoping he had some romantic interest in you?? My guess is if it was all that big, you wouldn’t have to advertise it on this website. How truly pathetic.



    Custody battle erupts online
    Amy Sowder From Pensacola Times.

    A 5-year-old Pensacola boy who was offered “free to a good home” on a classified-advertising Web site is the victim of a long-running custody dispute, authorities said.

    The boy’s father, Raymond Lawrence Lee, 50, of El Cajon, Calif., who posted the advertisement with the child’s picture on the popular Craigslist site, is being investigated by San Diego law enforcement officers and could face charges, Escambia County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ski Gowitzke said.

    Lee admitted to investigators that he was giving the child’s 38-year-old mother “a bad time,” said Gowitzke, who investigates online sexual predators.

    The News Journal is not identifying the Pensacola woman to protect her privacy. When contacted Thursday, she declined comment, saying she didn’t want to bring further attention to her son.

    If Lee had been in Escambia County when he posted the ad, he would have been charged with child abuse, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison, Gowitzke said.

    “He put a real child on there, and that endangers the child if somebody saw that,” he said.

    A Pensacola woman alerted local law enforcement last weekend when she saw the ad.

    Posing as the mother, Lee wrote: “I’ve had him now for five years. I’ve somewhat abused him, but I cannot control myself or him.”

    The post continued: “I have mental problems. DCF (Florida Department of Children &amp Families) won’t remove him. His father lives in California and has no contact with him. I don’t make enough money to support him and myself.”

    But Lee didn’t stop there.

    While talking on the phone with Gowitzke on Sunday, Lee posted a second Craigslist ad, posing as his son this time. This time, the posting said, among other things: “My mother is a drunk and she beat me,” the investigator said.

    The Craigslist webmaster removed the posting at Gowitzke’s request.

    Under federal law, Craigslist and other similar forums are not liable for what people post. Users generally are allowed to communicate freely although a webmaster has the authority to remove inappropriate postings.

    Lee and the child’s mother met in April 2000, lived together and had the now-5-year-old son in Pensacola, Escambia County court records show. By December 2002, Lee had moved away and filed for custody of the boy.

    At about the same time, Lee filed a domestic violence suit against the mother, but it was dismissed for lack of substantial evidence.

    Lee’s record includes several charges of harassing phone calls, driving under the influence, check forgery and resisting arrest.

    In the ongoing custody battle, each parent has accused the other of being unstable and unfit to be a parent.

    When a DCF investigator visited the mother’s home in Pensacola, they found no evidence of abuse, Escambia County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Ward said.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  29. More proof that you are a gem:

    Lee’s record includes several charges of harassing phone calls, driving under the influence, check forgery and resisting arrest.


  30. “I’d like to shake the hand of the judge that didn’t give you custody. It sounds to me like your child stands a better chance if he was given away on craigslist”

    Considering this man’s child ended up dead, comments like that are just cruel and unnecessary.


  31. here everyone is worried about someone that is not important, what about these children that had to suffer at the hands of this woman, does anyone care about that??? Makes one wonder what kind of safety plan is put in place for children in foster care, poor children, they are placed in homes were they don’t know these people than abused, god save the children!!!


  32. beargirl, we care about the children this unmentionable woman killed and froze. Of course we do!

    It’s just, if Raymond’s son actually did end up being killed by his mother, we also care about that. Even if I think Raymond used improper methods to try to get his son away from his son’s *allegedly* abusive mother, I understand his anger and sorrow at his child’s death.

    I don’t know for sure if his child really did die, however. I haven’t seen a link to a newspaper obituary article, or anything else. And I confess I do fear that Raymond, or whoever this person is who is posting with that pseudonym, is merely a troll trying to get us all worked up.

    But there is just enough evidence from his behavior and links he’s posted to make me think he might be the real Raymond.


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