MySpace pimp god convicted

Judge convicts the MySpace ‘pimp god’:

29-year-old Terry Clayton Wallace of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was convicted on pimping charges by a judge this week.

Wallace referred to himself on MySpace as ‘pimp god’ and ‘super agent’ on MySpace. He used MySpace to recruit ‘models’ where they could earn millions.

Let’s go over this again people. Real modeling agents don’t use MySpace pages. They have professionally designed websites. If they do use a MySpace I doubt their models are earning millions.

35 thoughts on “MySpace pimp god convicted”

  1. PIMPGOD happens to be my friends and i was there for most of these events. That stupid girl is a liar and i know for a fact she was hooking on her own while that poor guy sat in jail for “pimping her” which is definatly not whathappened!!! This is her trying to get back at him because he dumped her and kicked he rout of HIS place. He was going to be with a girl who was an accomplished model instead! The only reason he is being conviceted is because he is black, because he doesnt have the money to defend himself anymore and because her parents are lying to cover up the fact that the daughter is a slut plain and simple even in the papers they said it was her who sent him the nude pics and she sent them to lots of guys even while he was with her which is why he broke up with her! slut bitch! I feellike its my fault because i told him to dump her i never knew she would be so obssesed as to this this but whatever thats the life of a slut! wHILE HE WAS IN JAIL SHE WAS SHOPPING AT HOOKER STORES LIKE ALEXIS OF CALIFORNIA IN KINGSWAY MALL so whats up with that? dont seem traumatized form that lifestyle to me and nice girls dont shop there you slut i work in the industry an di dont shop there ever gross. also i was with pimpgod and that slut in toronto and all we all fid was party and promote his upcoming magazines that is when she got jealous when he met the new girl there and i dont blame her for being jealous because she was a boring girl who was to needy and always wanted to kiss and hug and pimpgod got turned off and i dont blame him! Believe me PIMPGOD knows so many girls with money and better looking he didnt need that girl to do anything for him he had a magazine and friends and a huge party life going on she was the one who wante tdo tag along and when he didnt want her bugging him she got mad and did this out of spite. Anything she did she wanted to do and how is he living off the avails when he was paying most of the bills?HE SHOULD BE CHARGING HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. She was also pushing for him to get her a boobjob for her tiny small A boobs which he aske d if i could lend him the money for because he was sick of hearing her say it and she was not working for him or she would have had that money well maybe i dont know if anyone would have paid her if she ever did work lol – SO NICE TRY HOE- he got rid of her before she tapped out all his financial resources. Also while we were in Toronto she was begging other pimps to be with them through the internet and the guy ended up being a guy who talked to one of my friends and he told us everything and sent us her emails which we brought back to pimpgod in order to get him to break up with her. I FEEL SORRY FOR HER PARENTS BECAUSE THIS SLUT IS SUCh A LIAR AND USING THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM TO HIDE HER SHAMEFUL WAYS AS A BAD DAUGHTER AND A NASTY SLUT who was looking to basically pimp herself out for any guy to pay attention to her FUNNY THING IS pimpgod took her for a joke and just ignored her and thats when she found this way to retaliate! If i were to ever show you the comaparison in women you would laugh at this girl !!!remainng nameless lol come on girlfriend you were nothing i remember telling pimpgod not to bring you around because you were boring and annoying and always whining when we went to clubs and os i Knew you would do this i should be suing you for my money you wasted slut! on all those parties. did you tell your dad your stilll dating black men and shopping for clothes in hooker stores CHURCHGIRL lol dont even bring god into your shame my dear phulease! youll reap what you have sewn god sees all this is foul and youll get it back from the lord on day!


  3. I wish i was there to testify i know the truth and so do 4 others about this situation and this lying girl! wow can a judge be so dumb as to believe everythig? dont we pay taxes for them to investigate? Holy shit! poor pimpgod its ok when he gets out he will still be a god and she will still be a LYNG LOSER SLUT WHORE BITCH ASSHOLE THIEF SCOUNDREL MANIPULATING BITCH AND ANGEL I BET YOUR HER SO GET LOST YOU LYING WHORE!


  4. I’ve been visiting this site for longer than pimpgod has been a feature story on here. You are ridiculous. Be gone, troll!



    Really? Not everything is racist, no one is perfect, but this fool was advertising himself a pimp. That. Is. Stupid. And illegal.

    Also please learn type pretty. Unless you enjoy looking foolish…




  7. and fyi many modelling agents do you myspace pages and di back when pimp gods page was paid ex. blak mens mad… both of the best agents for them and playboy ar eon myspace and use it to recruit so check your facts please trench.I wasin playboy andi know for a fact it was all done through myspace.


  8. BTW, Trench, PIMPGOD’S FRIEND has trotted on over to the January 8 story about the KC stalker, and is the troll on that story too. Read his comments here and over there, and you will see what I mean. But you probably already knew that, since you can track the comments, anyway, huh?

    It might even be kinda funny, if it wasn’t so sad. His complete lack of a functioning cerebral cortex, that is. Anencephaly must be a horrible thing to have to live with on a daily basis. teehee. -)


  9. OK Angel Im not here to fight with you i told you i was sorry but if this was your friend and you were there for this situation you would be upset to and disgusted. Like you said before the only thing he did wrong was be foolish but to watch a bunch of people who dont even know the story slander his name is pretty rough. Icant watch when i know the truth… the police didnt look to hard for witnesses and she didnt calll on any to verify anything WHY? THERE WERE SO MANY WE WENT SO MANY PLACES. this is totally lame and dumb. im sick of the cry wolf stories there are some real girl out there who are seriously being pimped and hurt and to pretend or stretch the situation to pretend your like them is wrong! I myself have helped joanne mcartney a gee from vice squad in aiding hookers and so i know whats up a bit more i gess than others about the insides but i an tell you lol pimps dont treat you to nice and he treated her like anyguy would treat a girl friend. the only thing he did wrong was get distracted by other women which is normal for most men in an adult undustry of anykind and even for guys who are not. she is not the only one fomr a church family lol everyone has been to church an di think we all love god as much as the next person but she shouldget serious now nd fess up some of this lie!!!


  10. angel your a woman and ou know a si what its like to be young and in love iwht an older guy an di think this girl really had her heart set in it and it was nothign more than sex. she tried many things to get his attention and bringing up working was another one of the things she tried. she though it would make him stop his magazine and meeting models and pay more attention to her but it didnt it only made him think she was silly. pimpgod knows an dknew many girls who danced and did whatever and so for us it was obvious this was a try hard lol so no one took her to seriously which is another reason she was starting to seek some real pimp out on another site and he to ended up not taking her seriously. her routine is so lame i wish the cops woudl post her name so other guys dont fall for this retard on the internet or i hope they kick heroff myspace. she is majorly sick. lol she thought because he was black he would be so quick to take her up on her stupid attempts lol like he is ghetto but instead she found out he came form a ncie home and lived a rough life but was done wit that and onto a magazine. she tried to drag him back to somethign bad just to prove she was cool or down and you know thats a sick thng to do to someone who doesnt wnat to g oback to a bad lifestyle. she mad eit happen so he got kicked out of his home. what a bitch! i write this s guys dont fall for girls like this. dont think girls are so slutty you guys they have other intentions. and this is coming fomr a female like me!! girls who sit on myspace evryday all day and send pics of them nude very fast stay away form they are sick and in the end they will point the finger at you when they are confronted with reality. even if poor pimpgod goes down for being ot nice to some slut i dont care if anyone traces this im gettign other to type what happened and what they saw to. I’ll always be your friend pimpgod and yuh dun kno who god bless no man curse so mek dem do all di worse. trench it would be nic eif you made this topost details and not to just make your assumptions based on press. but thankfullly im allowed to keep posting and so are others to so more can see a bit more of what really happened. i was in theindustry and neevr had apimp !!! pimp god is my best friend in the whole world and he neevr forcedme to ever do a htign and i look wayyyyyyyyy better than that girl wiht a great boob job so why would he force her to do anything? lol more like she begged him to help her get her boobs done or kae a profile to keep his attention off other people. Why says she didnt make her own profile she is obviously capable of it liek she is capable of taking those nude pics and sending them! lol


  11. Every storey on this site is one of seperate individuals , so trench you cannot really say sarcastically that this site or in prison is full of innocent people or not , that is clearly an assumtion to incinuate that all individuals speaking on comments or being spoken about are not innocent or speaking the truth, its important to remember that some are indeed innocent like pimpgod .Trench since you posted this it is important to remain open minded about the responses that you get regarding this matter and realize that there is 2 sides to every storey and both sides must be heard. you cannot be this closed minded and let this girls lies fool you. this girl is a liar , she is just mad because pimpgod hurt her feelings and did not want her has a girlfriend anymore,from what i seen the both of them were very happy together and were making out all the time and the rest of the time going out and having a great time together , she did have a great time at the expense of pimpgod and his friends like myself , i should be sueing her to pay me back for the expenses that she costed me , there is no way he forced her to work in the industry that was her bright idea another attempt to try and get his attention away from other women ., this is another classic case of the girl who is upset that the guy did not want to be with her anymore so she is trying to hurt him for it and at the same time save herself from the shame her parents would of made her feel for her having sex , im shocked she is claiming to be such a church girl , this side of her i did not know anything about , she is obviously seeking attention from men to make up for the lack of attention she was receiving from her parents. She wants acceptance though has almost all do from their parents and she is hiding the truth from them by making it look like she had went threw some sort of tramatic experience, if she was so scared why was it she was making out with pimpgod all the time and laughing and having fun ? why did she not call for help when no one was looking,or even when people were looking when they were in public?no she held his hand and was happy so did no attempt to cry for help at anytime while with pimpgod. why did they both have hickies all over their neck , its simple really because she did not need help she was happy and fine until pimpgod did not want to be her boyfriend anymore. she seems to not take rejection well so she is hurting pimpgod because of it with her lies.her parents have also fell for this sob storey , she should just tell the truth, she is making herself look like the victim here and the real victim here in pimpgod,she also stole a ring from pimpgods mother who is a church women and is elderly and a upstanding citizen in the community and from his neice a ipod player who is also a member of a church who is only a little child , who could steal from a child and a elderly women .this girl is no saint ,and because she stole from his mother that is why pimpgod got kicked out of his mothers house for defending her , thats why he had to get his own place because of this liar stealing from his families house then she is the one who said she was going to work it was her idea it was not his idea , major troble maker, he was not selling drugs when he met her she put him in a bad situation any guy can relate to this storey about meeting the one girl who ruined their life. this could happen to anybody.example:when ron jeremy met tracey lords she never told him how old she was and she was the one who initiated wanting to do porn and later on she turned around to sue him for making the porn even though she was the one who showed him a fake id , its was not his fault , women manipulate all the time , dont sit there and think that women in the industry dont lie that is exactly what they do do they lie and this is exactly what this girl did and she is just turning it all around on someone else, looking for someone else to belame , when she ran away from her parents they were the bad one and now that shes back with her parents pimpgod is the bad one , seems like everryone is the bad one , when she is the only bad one in the situation the only one with the problems.let this be a lesson to you men , if your girlfriend and you are together and you run into some hard time and your girlfriend suggests being in the sex industry whether its dancing or anything else , dump her , dont go along with it ,dont be there for her despite of her bad decisions or stay to protect her , cause if you stay you will maybe end up like pimp god ,no pimp goes to your parents house for dinner ,CAUSE HE WAS INVITED OVER , NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN HE IS A PIMP?Why did he go to dinner to her parents and if she was scared and in troble why did she not tell her parents then ?why did she leave with him to go back to their apartment?to then pack her bags to come for a fun all expense paid trip to toronto for one of our friends birthdays ?? no pimp pays the bills and takes you on vacation to have fun takes you to clubs shopping nails and hair done , he was her boyfriend , and being charged with precuring and living off the avails can happen to anyone and its has simple has a girl saying i want to work do you know what i should charge or where i should work?, and because you share some opinions with her you will get charged with it when you did not even do anything but try and help someone with some advice so they are safe , even women can be charged with can happen to anyone , you can be charged with precuiring just by offering help that was asked for,this girl wanted to do everything she did and she should admit it and own up to her own ideas and decsions she made for her life , if you have a roomate and they lose their job and they decide to take a chance to go outside and make money and u take lisence plate numbers for them to make sure they are alive and okay you to can be charged , all this to me does not seem fair is it better for someone to sit there and watch their friend make the wrong decsion and get mixed up with drugs and other bad hardcore lifestyle situations , or do you be their friend and try and be there for them and when they ask you for help you offer what you can? , or do you just tell them you dont care what happens to them because you might get a charge for precuring ? , the police make it really hard to be someones friend these days holy shit , pimping that someone should go to jail for , is when they are sitting their living off someones money and making them do something they dont want to , i do not see why someone would get charged for pimping when they are flipping the bill for another person to party , have shelter , food get their nails done etc , once again id like to add , when does pimp god get a chance to charge her for living off of him and putting him threw this . she is a liar and there sits a innocent man who does not deserve it in jail,2 years now she has been keeping up this lie with no shame at all ,while she smiles to herself that she has fooled everyone with her lies and desperate act to look like the victim,If she reads this i hope she knows that the amount of time she is giving pimpgod in jail does not compare to the amount of time she has to put in with her new baby of 18 years plus , you can sit there and think you ruined his life and got away with it but you my dear have also ruined your own , there will be no time to go make profiles for yourself to pick up black men to have sex with anymore because the baby will need attending to , the fact that you had a baby so soon shows you had unprotected sex and getting pregnant proves this , she obviously is having alot of sex ,and is not tramatised by this situation in the least, if i had been pimped the last thing id be doing is be out there having sex with more men , id be seeking couciling from my church and would not be still engaged in this type of activity,well my dear now you can reperesent your church in the proper fashion . you can go out there and this time try and keep it real.I am sure though in no time she will be using the industry to get money (has recently she was spotte
    d shopping for the apparel to wear for the industry, not a store that any church girl should even enter))has it is a decsion she has made for herself in the past and im sure that she will make it again for herself if she hasnt already , so she can support herself and this new baby ,I feel so sorry for your parents you should be ashamed for getting your father in that kind of a fight and for lieing to everyone about the truth of what really happened. This storey is shocking to even look at because she was so happy when she was with him . she should be ashamed of herself , she should be accepting of what she did and just tell her parents she had sex and that she is upset that this guy does not want her anymore that would be the truth , instead she lied and everyone is beleiving her , well i know different she is a liar and manipulated everyone mind with her deceptive rebelious nature.if she was investagated more people would realise that she is a liar because no one is presuring her for the truth she is having a easy time hiding from everyone . girls lie all the time it is highly unfair to convict a man who just hurt someones feelings , she has twisted her storey beyond beleif and everyone fell for it ,its funny how mycrimespace here i read a 14 yr old girl got charged for sending out nude pictures of herself on myspace but this slut gets to do it and look like a saint?ridiculous , she should be charged to just like teh 14 year old she knows better , everyone knows what this kind of girl this girl is , she made a profile to find black men to have sex , the justice system should not let this girl make such a mockery of it , pimpgod is a friend of mine and what im wondering is why she has forgetten to mention me for instance , im sure it is because she knows i can verify everything i have just spoken about and that she was clearly not in any type of situation like this while with pimpgod.she is hiding the fact that she is sexually active from her parents and going threw some very nasty extents to pretend she is not . bringing down the innocent to make herself look good to her family. that is not right and she is a liar.why didnt she run to the police the night he had sex with her in the car ? because she liked it ! you do not have sex with someone who is hurting you and then be with them months after and then go on a trip with them , she traveled threw an airport that day she did not signal anyone to help her .why because she was happy and fine and wanted to be with pimpgod and was enjoyng herself alot . this is not the actions of a girl in troble . come on. get i said she manipulated all of you and lied , and she should not be allowed to look like she is a victim in troble when clearly she was not in any type of danger or troble , if she was it was only because of her own decsions she made for herself and that is not any fault of pimpgods what she wanted to decide to do on her own . she should be called the pimgoddess because she is the real pimp here , she is the one who lived off of everyone elses money and if anyone pimped her it was her pimping her own self for attention.that is very negative attention to want and she is lucky that pimpgod even still wanted her has his girlfriend after the bad decisions she made for herself, no wonder he did not want to be with her anymore she is messed up and has to many problems to be in a relationship with anyone , she cant even have a good relationship with her own family .bottom line is she is one of the biggest liars ever to log into myspace.


  12. LOL, Trench. I’m done here. I have better things to do with my time. Besides, I’ll go cross-eyed if I try to read those looooong comments. See ya on other threads.


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