YouTube riddled with drug cartel videos, messages:

By now we’ve all heard of the brutality of the Mexican drug cartels and the brutality and violence that are spilling into U.S. border towns. Now the cartels are using a new tool for intimidation as if the decapitations weren’t enough. Now they are using YouTube.

One YouTube video sympathetic to the Sinaloa Cartel opens with white lettering: “This is what happens to all my enemies.” A singer launches into an up-tempo song against a montage of images: slain police officers, bullet-ridden police cruisers, shell casings, crumpled bodies.

As usual Google/YouTube is taking their usual stance on such videos…

Victoria Grand, head of policy for YouTube, says company officials have seen the cartel videos on their website but would not comment on specific videos.

She then goes on to tout YouTube’s policy of letting the users police the site. Again I have to cite the mentality of the stereotypical YouTube user. To put it bluntly, they aren’t going to police shit.

And again I have to say that Google can censor an entire country of a few billion people yet they won’t delete videos posted by violent criminals.

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