Werribee ringleader did not learn his lesson

Werribee sex DVD ringleader’s hate-filled rap song on web:

You may remember a story from a few years ago out of Werribee, Australia. 11 teens made a DVD called “C*** The Movie”. The censored word rhymes with punt. The part of the DVD that caused such furor was when the 11 teens sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled girl. They also urinated on her and set her hair on fire. They sold the DVD to their classmates through their MySpace. They all received slaps on the wrists for this atrocity.

Now the ringleader of the teens has now posted a rap song online that shows he has no remorse for what he did.

“I hope it hurts to reminisce when you think about us Werribee kids, all things we did,” he sings.

The teen escaped jail over the crime but attacks “c–s who judges us”, saying they can all “get f—ed”.

Another rapper also sings that the gang doesn’t need to be tested “because we proved we’re worthy” and that “fame will never end”.

The song, which refers to the victim by her first name, includes the lyrics: “You’re gunna to love c— the movie”.

The teen and two other amateur rappers expose themselves as violent racists and boast about bashings.

“I split lips and f— I hate nips,” is one of the rants.

“We’re beyond saving,” they chant. “It’s Werribee until I’m locked up. Why don’t you go and find out what we done.”

Other lyrics suggest the Werribee crew think they are above the law and refer to the sexual assault.
“I’m still untouched.

“When hair got flamed.

“They didn’t show her nude, when you look, you look, on YouTube.”

During the rap, youths can be heard laughing at news sound bytes deriding their actions.

And people wonder why I strongly believe that teens should be sentenced as adults in crimes like these.

Some idiot psychologist in the article says that the system failed the assailants. The only thing the Australian system failed was in giving these scumbags a proper sentence.

15 thoughts on “Werribee ringleader did not learn his lesson”

  1. Agreed, Rob. And let’s film it for YouTube, and then write a rap song about it. The title could be ‘The Sick Dicks Get Nixed.” tra-la-la-la-la–la-la-la-la


  2. Firstly Victorian Law really only allows Juveniles to be charged as adults for murder, attempted murder, rape, arson, manslaughter and culpable driving. Juvenile in Victoria means 18 and under. Even if the were sentenced to jail they’d get a YTO (Youth Training Order) for a maximum of 3 years for which they serve normally half.

    Secondly, it’s not the ringleader, it’s someone else and only one of them appears to be involved.

    Thirdly, some of the commentary on our local newspaper site about this scares me more than the rap song (which is stupid, idiotic offensive, but not illegal)


  3. So Alan when your daughter/wife/friend is their next victim will you still be more afraid of the comments then the criminals?

    These are predators who are raping the victim all over again. These monsters are the dangerous products of the kid gloving shrug your shoulders hug-a-thuggery that goes on when people like you refuse to recognize how much of a threat a gang of rapists who filmed their attack then brag publicly about it are.

    You do understand they will attack more women don’t you? That they already have in all probability and the girls they are victimizing even now will never tell because they know that it would be pointless.

    As a man who is concerned more about comments on the Internet than the girl they may be sodomizing as you read those commentshow do you sleep at night?,


  4. This is a travesty. I have followed crime stories for a long time and not a lot shocks me, but I’m so disgusted.

    At this point the world can only hope for a zombie apocalypse.


  5. The song was removed. I can only guess it’s because of everyone reporting it. It’s beyond me that these little fools think they are so hard and infamous. Someone should really tell them they’re a movie of the week at best.


  6. think reporting it may have worked Nancy. 🙂 it’s nice when common sense prevails. hopefully it’s not just a glitch in their account or something.

    the family have spoken out under the “Victim has grown, but rapper wallows”.

    ~wishing her all he best.


  7. To quote Nancy:

    “they&rsquore a movie of the week at best.”

    A freak show, is more like it. Or maybe a horror show.


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