Buckmaster: Crooks will be caught

Craigslist CEO: Crooks who use site will be caught:

craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster made the following statement yesterday to the Associated Press…

“Criminals are learning that Craigslist is an extremely unsafe venue for criminal activity because you’re virtually guaranteeing that you’re going to get caught,” Buckmaster said Wednesday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from San Francisco. “That’s been the case with nearly every serious violent crime that’s been connected with the site. There’s an electronic trail leading to yourself. So don’t use Craigslist for crime unless you want to go to jail.”

That’s great that you help police once a violent crime has been committed but how about taking measures on your site to try to ensure that those crimes don’t happen in the first place.

Like I’ve been telling the media lately craigslist can take steps to virtually eliminate crime. First, do away with erotic services. I’ve been over that many times before. Second, make users fill out profiles. Even if people put false information there will still be a lot of people who will be discouraged from using the site for crime. Lastly, I’m sure they could put a script on the site that shows the user IP address along with a disclaimer that says something about their ability to track the IP address.

Now let’s see what supposed plans craigslist comes up with.

4 thoughts on “Buckmaster: Crooks will be caught”

  1. Via sfist.com:In response to a series of e-mailed questions from the Globe, Buckmaster also went on to say “I would not describe any section of our site as ‘sex related.'”


  2. And I can see Buckmaster putting his head back into the sand after that comment was made, Trench. Seems like a empty CYA promise type deal….if you put your ear to it, you can hear the ocean… 🙄


  3. Trench, check out the erotic services page for Craigs List Las Vegas there are 227 new ads placed just today: Busty Porn Star … Hot Blonde Ready 4U … etc. “No sex related sections”, my ass there’s stuff over there that made me uncomfortable and this is coming from someone who worked in the adult entertainment industry for almost 15 years. 🙄


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