Markoff on suicide watch

Craigslist suspect now on suicide watch:

Julissa Brisman’s accused killer, Philip Markoff, has been placed on suicide watch after he tried taking the cowards way out. He allegedly tried hanging himself with his shoelaces.

Please feel free to leave comments like “Thanks for trying to help out the taxpayers”.

In case you were wondering Massachusetts has no death penalty.

5 thoughts on “Markoff on suicide watch”

  1. And on the same day that a Facebook page launched that is titled “Philip Markoff Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty..” Don’t off yourself, Phil, there are people who still believe in your innocence. I’ll bet the cops find a copy of “American Psycho” on his bookshelf, some very strange folks tend to gravitate to that novel. Ladies, if you step into a guy’s digs and the only two novels he owns are “Catcher in the Rye” and “American Psycho”, run like hell.


  2. Hey, can you get me his address in jail? I’d like to be one of those groupies who writes to murderers. Oh, and I’d also like to send him a new pair of shoes (with laces)…… 😆 :mrgreen:


  3. In Canada, if your able to committe(sp?) suicide on your own it’s legal, and you won’t get criminal charges if you attempt and fail. Also if you aid and/or abet someone into committing suicide then you can be found legally responsible for there death. Even if they wanted help to die. So in a sense(sp?) Bullies who harrass and torment another person to the point, where they committe suicide. That person (bully) can be found legally guilty for said person death. This is somewhat off-topic but I thought it was an interesting tidbit.


  4. 🙄 Just what is this world comming too, when you you cant even get a good par of shoe laces any more, just wish he was wearing logger boots then he could have done it right 😈


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