The craigslist murder no one heard about

Suspect in Stock Island murder booked into Keys jail:

This is the story of a murder that was facilitated through craigslist that did not capture the national media’s attention. To be honest it escaped my attention as well.

Back in February 57-year-old Richard Gardner of Cape Coral, Florida was beaten to death aboard his boat which was docked in Stock Island, Florida in the Keys.

It’s alleged that 32-year-old Jonathon LeBaron laid in wait aboard Gardner’s boat before beating him to death.

So how is craigslist involved you may be asking? Gardner was allegedly led back to his boat by 40-year-old Kristena Whitmore who is LeBron’s girlfriend. She also had posted an ad on a certain section of craigslist where Gardner used her for her oral skills.

Now granted ultimately LeBaron is ultimately responsible for Mr. Gardner’s death if convicted. And yes Mr. Gardner put himself in jeopardy by engaging in illicit activity with a stranger. However back in the day, people would be discouraged from engaging in picking up prostitutes because hookers would mostly be in the bad parts of town. craigslist’s erotic services sections has brought prostitution from out of the inner cities and into the rest of the country and it brings all the other crimes associated with prostitution with it.

I believe that brings the number of ‘craigslist murders’ on this site to 9.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.

6 thoughts on “The craigslist murder no one heard about”

  1. Thanks for posting the arrest of another craigslist killer her boyfrienLebaron is also now in Florida awaiting arraingement! These scum bags killed my old brother! If I had the money tp sue craigslist I would! Clearly has been aware that they are providing a forum for these low lifes to prey on people.


  2. Do you have a list of the links to stories on all 9 cases. I’d heard of 3 now (this one, the one in the media, and the teenager who killed the gay businessman,) and I’d be interested to learn more.


  3. This is crazy she did it so everyone should know that you shouldn’t refure to people as scum bags i think that your brother might have been a scum bag


  4. So, comeon!. Let’s not blame craigslist for some pimps attack on a John. It happens all the time. Whether, it’s from a bar, from a classified ad, a hobbyist site or CL, the same old rules apply — You are responsible for your own safety. If you’re going to use prostitutes, there is a danger, so watch your back. 😯


  5. Wow can’t believe that sonya (who is johns sister) is actually sticking up for him. Who cares what people choose to do, do they deserve to be brutally murdered? NO!!!!!! We know who is mentally disturbed!!!!


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