Part 1: Craigslist or Victims’ List?:

Part 2: Craigslist or Victims’ List?:

These are two articles from WJHG in Panama City, Florida about how craigslist related crimes are going on in their area including a story from an exotic dancer who was put in grave danger.

2 thoughts on “Victimslist”

  1. I am a former prosecutor and long time user of Craigslist that has grown weary of trying to get them to something about the inordinate number of scams on the website.If you try to sell something or lease out space, you will be contacted by legions of scammers and in Annapolis, my town, people trying to sell a cell phone were mugged, prompting stories on Baltimore TV news.Buying there has become problematic- try to buy say electronics or a car : you will find the same ads from scammers posted all over the place, but talking to CL is like talking to a wall.For example one common scam posted thousands of times is the TNT delivery scam, where concert tickets, TV’s etc are posted and the buyer is supposed to use TNT as an escrow service – rule one- no local phone number, no deal ….bottom line, this once useful site needs to be compelled to clean up its act.


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