Suggested fine of $5000 for Lori Drew

Probation, fine recommended for woman convicted in Internet harassment case:

A presentence report recommends probation and a $5,000 fine for the Missouri woman convicted of three misdemeanors linked to the online harassment of a suburban St. Louis teenager who committed suicide.

How sad is it that Megan Meier’s life is only worth $5000. I’m sure her family will have comfort in knowing that.

3 thoughts on “Suggested fine of $5000 for Lori Drew”

  1. Well, that’s what Lori Drew’s lawyer is recommending to the judge that she pay.

    I have no idea how powerful those recommendations are with a judge. Thanks for keeping us updated on this case.


  2. The Harassment fine is appropriate. It represents “behavior modification”. We give fines for people who do inappropriate behavior. If we put people in prison for fines..we would have 90% of American society behind bars!!! What if someone didn’t like you and “made up” a case of harassment..but didn’t do it and they went to prison?

    The only person responsible in a suicide is the person committing the act. We are entering dangerous territory if we imprison someone for writing text. How we interpret the text is our own damn fault. Should we backtrack and imprison the writers of movie and novel “horror flicks” because someone decided to go out and mimic the murder?

    The Internet is not a baby sitter. You would not let your child or teenager run around in it just like you would not let them run around the streets of NYC at night.

    The internet is a tool. good and bad. More good than bad. Like any must teach young impressionable minds to understand how the tool works and respect it and take care of it..and some of these tools may have minds of their own that want to control, manipulate or take your money. Just like in THE REAL WORLD. The faster AND younger they learn this the better!!! Sheltering your kids from knowledge about bad people in the world is the WORST thing you can do. You are limiting their chances of survival of the fittest!

    Self-control the ego is another tool to be taught at a young age. Her ego was destroyed..and she was weak about herself…probably from “too much sheltering” and thus the ego, which has such a strong hold, will “eliminate itself” along with the body to protect it or win (It doesn’t care about hypocrisy)! This results in either murdering others for a idealist concept and/or suicide. (e.g. Dr. Tiller murder)


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