No justice for Megan Meier

Mom in MySpace case says it was properly dismissed:

As I’m sure we all know by now Lori Drew’s fraud conviction was tossed by a federal judge. As I’m sure you also know Drew is the one thought responsible into harassing 13-year-old Megan Meier with a fake MySpace into killing herself.

Megan’s mother, Tina Meier, said she was disappointed with the ruling but she wouldn’t want to be Lori Drew and thinks she’s already serving a life sentence.

I wish I could agree with you Mrs. Meier but it doesn’t seem like Drew has any remorse whatsoever as Drew praised the ruling and claims that she “simply did not do” what she was accused of.

Even though Lori Drew isn’t going to jail like she deserves the karma train that will pull in to her station one day.

9 thoughts on “No justice for Megan Meier”

  1. I’ve been listening to this case for sometime and I feel that this mom should not be charged for a crime, this is quite a stretch. You see, by definition, this girl took her own life, regardless of what somebody said. That is just ridiculous. Who’s to say what this girls’ mental state was when she killed herself. Although it is sad, it is quite a stretch. Sure she should feel bad…she made a terrible decision, one I am appalled at, however, the blame does not fall on her shoulders. Where were the parents in all of this…and why was this girl so emotionally fragile that something like this could cause her to kill herself. My bet, is that she had previous emotional issues, and had tried this before.


  2. Jennifer if you have been following the case I am surprised at some of your questions.

    The case clearly stated why she was so fragile, where her parents were in all of this etc.

    I don’t think Drew should be held accountable for the death of this child but she should be held accountable for fraud of pretending to be someone else and tormenting a child she knew was fragile.


  3. I guess than you’re opening a can of worms that all who are fraudulent should be charged with a misdemeanor. Come on this is really just seeking vengeance, nothing more. They were trying to find anything to charge this woman with and now the judge is calling them on it. Plain and simple this woman was wrong, that’s all.


  4. It sounds like Tina Meier is close to finding peace with her daughter’s tragic death. Lets just hope that Missouri and other states will enact anti-cyber bullying laws that will prevent such tragedies in the future.


  5. What it comes down to is that Lori Drew is an adult who should have been long past that high school bully mentality. What she did was immature, irresponsible and sick. Just because it’s difficult to prosecute her in this case and she seems to be getting away with it doesn’t make her any less of a reprehensible human being.


  6. *Agrees with Rob*

    I don’t think she should get jail time but I think she should do something at least. Probation, computer rights taken away?? I mean something!!! Just something!!!! What she did was wrong and immature!!


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