Detailed profile of Landstown plotter

Teen accused in Landstown bomb plot ‘hard to miss’:

This is a very good article about the until now unnamed alleged plotter of Landstown High School, Philip Bay.

I’ve gone over some of Bay’s mutant tendencies already in my previous posts about the Landstown plot in Virginia Beach so I’ll just highlight the new revelations from the article.

Just to quickly refresh your memory Bay was arrested back in April for plotting a bombing attack against the school and was discovered to be in the possession of 28 pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, mysterious ‘other devices’ and various bomb-making materials. Two other unnamed juveniles have also been arrested in the plot.

But now let’s get back to the article at hand. Not only was Bay a mutant but he is also an anti-Semite according to other students from the school. And of course, when Bay would talk about Columbine the other students didn’t take it seriously. Apparently, even today kids are still stupid. Yes, it can happen to your school.

His MySpace was a picture of opposing philosophies. On the one hand, he talked about singing in choir and that God is his first love after music. Then he lists his heroes as Eric Harris and “whoever invented gunpowder.”

On my first Landstown post I mentioned that neighbors have seen Bay running around the neighborhood with a sword and a knife and that he liked to shoot birds with his BB gun. I wondered aloud then where were his parents. Now we may have an answer.

Some of the neighbors brought concerns to Bay’s mother, but they had no effect, Wood said. She had a “not my son” mentality,

There’s a shock.

Still no word on motive. And to those of you who keep throwing bullying into the conversation let me say this. If you go around talking about mass murder and ‘teh joos’ you’re basically inviting trouble on to yourself.

Bay’s trial starts today.

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