Werribee assailant in trouble again

Thug’s vicious attack:

First, let me do the recap on the Werribee story…

You may remember a story from a few years ago out of Werribee, Australia. 11 teens made a DVD called “C*** The Movie”. The censored word rhymes with punt. The part of the DVD that caused such furor was when the 11 teens sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled girl. They also urinated on her and set her hair on fire. They sold the DVD to their classmates through their MySpace. They all received slaps on the wrists for this atrocity.

And the last we heard from one of those scumbags is when he posted a rap song on his MySpace bragging about what he did.

It seems that’s rap isn’t the only thing he’s into as he was arrested back in October of last year for a home invasion. He allegedly stormed the house of someone he knew beat the suspect with a bat and used pepper spray on him to either rob him of weed or cash.

He’s pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and could be sentenced to 25 years which what he should have been sentenced to in the first place. He’ll be sentenced in October.

I get the feeling that he’ll either no-show the sentencing or get yet another slap on the wrist.

2 thoughts on “Werribee assailant in trouble again”

  1. No one ever gets the maximum here. it’ll probably be between 4 – 6 years at the most. Hope i’m wrong but I doubt it


  2. Don’t forget they also threw her clothes in the werribee river on a cold winter’s day

    and they torched a hobo’s sleeping place


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