New ‘leads’ in West Memphis 3 case

Damien Echols
Damien Echols

West Memphis 3: New Leads:

The last time we visited West Memphis former NYPD homicide detective and current private investigator Jay Salpeter opened a tip line that was already opened.

Mr. Salpeter is now saying that the tip line has uncovered new leads in the case but he won’t say what those leads are.

I wonder how many of those calls just say “MARK BYERS MARK BYERS MARK BYERS!!!” I can imagine how many of the WM3 outcast army are calling from all over spouting whatever conspiracy theory that they’ve cooked up after a night of dope-smoking and listening to whatever outcast band they enjoy.

I would say that I would hate to be manning that tipline but whoever is I would imagine would be just as zealous as the callers.

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