An open letter to the ASPCA and Humane Society


Look. I get it. You need my financial support. If I had the money I would give it. But I think you’re marketing technique for soliciting donations could use some work.

So please stop showing abused animals on your commercials. I know that animals are being abused but your commercials just make me want to change the channel because I hate seeing any kind of animal in distress.

BTW, that’s my cat Ducksauce. She’s treated very well.

6 thoughts on “An open letter to the ASPCA and Humane Society”

  1. I have to agree with you on this one – especially the ASPCA ads – just a tid bit on the extreme side and don’t they know it’s hard times for us people too!I love animals and I support them through cheaper alternative such as the site They donate 50% of all their revenue to animal charities.They should focus on these good options, rather than all the negative ads!!Bill


  2. I so agree. I change the channel when one of those come on.

    I like the name. And although she’s pretty cute (Hey! You’re a member of the Pussy Posse!), she ain’t got shit of my baby. 🙂


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