Angelo Mendoza unfit for trial

Dad who ate eyes found mentally incompetent:

Angelo Mendoza, the man accused of eating the eye of his 4-year-son Angelo Jr., has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

The next step will be to see if he’ll be put in a county or state mental facility.

If Mendoza is legitimately nuts then they need to bring back asylums for the criminally insane and not these touchy-feely places that they have now.

7 thoughts on “Angelo Mendoza unfit for trial”

  1. “Mentally unfit to stand trial” should not exist. You should know right from wrong, and if you don’t and it causes you to do something horrible you still don’t deserve any better treatment for your actions just because you somehow “didn’t know better.”


  2. Unfit for trial? Unfit for TRIAL?!? The only thing that this guy is unfit for is to keep wasting the oxygen here on Earth by continuing to breathe.

    Unfit for trial? What a crock of horsesh*t! Kill this waste of DNA.


  3. Just Sayin’:

    Mew – unfit for trial is not the same as being insane, nor is the right from wrong test what is used to determine insanity. Competency is just an assessment of whether a person can understand the charges against them, the proceedings, and whether they can reasonably assist their attorney. Competency has nothing to do with whether someone is insane at the time of the crime – a jury determines that.

    I’m not defending him at all and frankly hope he spends forever ever behind bars but I hate when people start talking about stuff they clearly have no idea about. I work in the criminal courts but honestly, Wikipedia, google, all are available to assist you in kind of looking like you have an idea what you’re saying.


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